Credit by Exam

The rules for credit-by-exam (CBE) in Mathematics and Statistics courses are outlined in this document. The process for any cases beyond the description of this document must be approved by the Department Chair and/or Course Committee.


If the program of a student requires a Mathematics or Statistics course and the student already has a background in that course, the student may choose to take a CBE test provided all of the following qualifications are met.

  1. The course is Math 112 or higher.
    • (Credit by exam is not available for Math 121 or Math 501.)
  1. The student is enrolled in WSU, has never taken that course, and has never taken a CBE test for that course.
  2. The student has completed all prerequisites for that course and is not enrolled in any class for which that course is a prerequisite.


If a student decides to take a CBE test, the student shall follow the procedure listed below. The student shall:

  1. Contact the Coordinator of CBE in Mathematics and Statistics and make a request for the exam by completing a form confirming the students qualifications. The Coordinator, on approval, shall sign the form.
  2. Take the form to the Counseling and Testing Center and pay all fees.
  3. Take the test at the Testing Center.


When planning to take a CBE test, the student needs to consider the following facts.

  1. No CBE test will be arranged in the last week of any semester.
  2. It takes at least 5 working days for a test to be prepared after payment is received.
  3. It takes at least 5 working days for the Coordinator to receive the completed test from the Testing Center and return the result of the test to the Testing Center after the student has taken the test.


  1. A CBE produces one of the following two outcomes:
    • Credit Recommended (requires a score of 70% or more)
    • Credit Not Recommended
  2. A CBE test does not produce a letter grade; it does not affect student's GPA.
  3. Institutions other than WSU may or may not accept CBE credit.

Contact Information for Credit By Exam

Department of Math, Statistics, and Physics CBE Coordinator
Dr. Tianshi Lu
Rm 356 Jabara Hall
(316) 978-5293

Counseling & Testing Center

Room 320 Grace Wilkie Hall
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

(316) - WSU - TEST (978 - 8378)

Contact Information for CLEP Test

For M111, College Algebra Test (CLEP), Contact:
Dr. Stephen Brady
Room 347 Jabara Hall
(316) 978-3966