Pi Mu Epsilon

What is Pi Mu Epsilon?

Pi Mu Epsilon is a National Honorary Mathematics Society whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. Its primary goal is to involve under-graduate students in their pursuit of mathematics education. WSU houses the 49th Chapter of PME. It was chartered as the Kansas Gamma Chapter in 1950.

Motto: "To Promote Scholarship and Mathematics."

Who is eligible to join?

To join Pi Mu Epsilon a student either must have completed a Calculus I and II with at least a 'B' average,

or be a Math major with straight A's in mathematics courses including at least one semester of Calculus,

or be a graduate student in a mathematical science (e.g. Engineering, Physics).

Is Membership transferable?

If you transfer to another school, the national membership goes with you. At your new school, you will become a member without the initiation fee. The new school will sometimes charge a small fee towards its operating expenses. If a member from another school comes to WSU, Kansas Gamma Chapter charges only $6.00 for membership towards its operating expenses.

In Kansas each of KU, KSU, and WSU has a chapter of PME.

Transferability of membership is a unique feature of PME.

Pi Mu Epsilon Dues?

The initial fee of $26.00 includes a one-time registration by the national office, chapter dues, and one year's subscription to the PME Journal.
The chapter may ask the membership to contribute to the expenses later on-but not within one year of the member's initiation; however, so far, the chapter has not asked the members for any dues after the initiation. Consequently, one-time dues give you a life membership-a bargain. For this, credit goes to the student leaders for excellent money management, and their ability to obtain funding from other sources.

PME insignia (pin) may be obtained from John Hammond. The cost is $20.00.


To join Pi Mu Epsilon fill out the Acceptance of Invitation form and return with dues to:

Pi Mu Epsilon
Mathematics & Statistics
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Wichita, KS 67260-0033.

(Acceptance of Invitation forms can printed or be obtained in Room 355 JB.)


For additional information or questions, contact the faculty advisor listed below:

Mark Arrasmith (978-3986)