College of Fine Arts Scholarship

Acceptance Form

This form MUST be submitted by the deadline specified in your official award letter.



  • Renewable scholarships and fellowships may be renewed as long as funds are available and recipients continue to fulfill their scholarship or fellowship requirements while maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  • Each semester, recipients must complete the minimum number of hours required by their scholarship or fellowship. Failure to enroll in the correct number of hours may result in the withdrawal of awards for that semester. Recipients not enrolled at WSU in the correct school will not receive their scholarship(s).
  • Recipients may be asked to do one or more of the following: write a thank-you letter to the donor of their scholarship, perform at a scholarship event, attend an on-campus luncheon, or attend an awards program with university officials, the donor, and other recipients each year the recipient holds the award. Failure to do so may affect the renewal of your scholarship or fellowship for the following academic year, if the award is renewable. Recipients will be notified about these activities during the academic year, if applicable.
  • School of Music Scholarship Recipients are required to fulfill the following:
    • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (2.5 for Buck Scholarship recipients)
    • Enrollment in MUSC theory/aural skills courses until completion.
    • Enrollment in Class Piano, or approved alternative, until piano
    • proficiency requirement has been satisfied.
    • Enrollment in designated major ensemble, maintaining a grade of B- or better.
    • Enrollment in applied music (MUSA) course for designated instrument, maintaining a grade of B- or better.
    • Enrollment in Recital, until 4 semesters have been completed. Music Ed majors may substitute MUSE 171 and 271 for two of these recital semesters.
    • Acceptable growth/performance in all music enrollments/activities.
  • School of Performing Arts Scholarship Recipients are required to fulfill the following:
    • Achievement of the required minimum cumulative GPA for fall semester enrollment. If your fall semester cumulative GPA is lower than the minimum, the scholarship will terminate at the end of the fall semester without further stipend unless probationary status is granted (see above).
    • Continual enrollment in 12 or more credit hours each semester (minimum full-time), 6 of which must be in your major program, and achievement/maintenance of the required minimum cumulative GPA each semester the scholarship remains in force.
    • Enrollment each semester of the scholarship in courses required for the performing arts major, including (1) theatre performance, (2) design and technical theatre, (3) musical theatre, or (4) dance.
    • Acceptable growth/performance in all performing arts enrollments/activities.
    • In accepting this offer of financial aid from Wichita State University, the student understands that there is a mutual commitment with the institution. After May 1 of the calendar year, the student will not consider any other institution.
  • Recipients are responsible for notifying the Director of Student Services of any changes in address, phone or email, as well as any status changes that may render them unable to fulfill the requirements of their scholarship(s). The Director of Student Services may be reached at 316-978-7091 or



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