Exceptions to Catalog Regulations


Students may petition in order to seek exceptions to specific academic rules or regulations. Exceptions petitions from students with the College of Fine Arts are considered first by the College Committee, comprised of Fine Arts faculty and staff, and then by the University committee, comprised of faculty and staff from several academic disciplines at WSU.






Petition Guidelines


You must submit all forms by the deadline date.

  • The Exceptions Committees meet every month, with new deadlines each month. Submit all forms to the College of Fine Arts Advising Center. Petitions will not be accepted if any information is missing. Do not forget to sign and date your paperwork. 

Include all relevant documentation.

  • Examples include: transcripts, medical documentation/doctors' notes, emails, invoices, letters, obituary/funeral information, etc.

Meet with your academic advisor.

  • Students are required to meet with an academic advisor to ensure the academic requirements and goals are being met. If you are seeking readmission, you must create a Student Success Plan with the help of an advisor. Consulting an academic advisor will ensure your petition is complete and argues a strong case.

Petition Types


Readmission to WSU

  • Complete the exceptions paperwork.
  • Attach official or unofficial transcripts if you have attended another university since being dismissed from Wichita State. These will show your grades and semesters attended.
  • See an academic advisor to create a Student Success Plan.
  • Add any other pertinent documentation to your petition paperwork. 

Late Withdrawal from Current Semester

  • Complete the exceptions paperwork.
  • Fill out a late withdrawal form (or provide course CRN, title, number, meeting day and time, and credit hours.)
  • Add any other pertinent documentation to your petition paperwork. 

Late Add

  • Approval through the exceptions process is required for a late add after the course end date.
  • Complete the exceptions paperwork.
  • Fill out a late add form. The form must be completed and signed by your instructor. 
  • Add any other pertinent documentation to your petition paperwork. 

Change of Grade

  • Petitioning for a change of grade is only done after a full academic year has passed. If you need a change of grade and a full academic year has not passed, please contact your instructor.
  • Complete the exceptions paperwork.
  • Submit a change of grade form. The form must be completed and signed by your instructor.
  • This exception does not go to the University Committee, only the CFA Exceptions Committee.

Medical Withdrawal

  • Complete the exceptions paperwork.
  • A medical withdrawal requires documentation from a physician, medical or mental health professional.


Petition Deadline Dates

Month Deadline to Submit an Application Decision Letter Sent
July 2023 July 3rd July 14th
August 2023 August 7th August 18th
September 2023 September 4th September 15th
October 2023 October 9th October 20th
November 2023 November 6th November 17th
December 2023 December 4th December 15th
January 2024 January 5th January 12th
February 2024 February 5th February 16th
March 2024 March 11th March 22nd
April 2024 April 8th  April 19th
May 2024 May 6th May 17th
June 2024 June 3rd June 14th
July 2024 July 8th July 19th

Please Note: The deadline for submitting petitions for exceptions, across all colleges, will be the Monday ten days prior to the University Exceptions Council (UEC) meeting. The dates will be finalized on an annual basis.



Peition for Exceptions Student Success Plan