Have you studied the Kodály method and have more questions? Do you want a solfege refresher with Gabor? Would you like to spend time learning choral techniques from Elaine Quillichini? Well, just ASK! This summer, WSU is offering a one-week Kodály refresher giving you the joy of Kodály learning, though a little less intense! The week includes daily solfege with Gabor Virágh, an advanced choir conducted by Elaine Quillichini, pedagogical sessions, folk song research time, and conducting. You may also choose to join the Kodály workshop choir, led this year by Dr. Ryan Beeken! 

  • Dates: June 13-17           
  • Times: 9:30-4:30           
  • Cost: $300 if enrolled before April 1, $350 thereafter.

Just want to sing? --- You can choose to join the advanced choir from 10:45 to 12:15 each day with Elaine Quillichini.

  • Cost: $75 if enrolled before April 1, $100 thereafter.

 Would you like to earn credit while taking the workshop? Take MUSE 767 Advanced Techniques in Kodaly Teaching.

MUSE 767: Advanced Techniques in Kodály Teaching

The course assists students in continual development of their individual musicianship, mentoring, and research skills. Students can work individually or with the "applications group" to do folksong research, hone their musicianship (conducting/solfege) skills, or review methodology with levels instructors. Students will be encouraged to sing in the choir. Applications students also may mentor current students as a means of reviewing their levels materials. Some students may assist with grading levels content. What a great way to review your learning and be mentored by our great faculty members.

This course is designed for students who want to continue their Kodály pedagogy journey. Persons enrolled in this course have completed their OAKE Certificate and are seeking independent study or small group study. To earn credit, students can choose to participate in ASK or develop an individualized contract, allowing them to hone their teaching skills through folksong research, musicianship courses (conducting/solfege), or methodology review with levels instructors. This is your chance to review material, and refocus on an area of expertise that you particularly need, or enjoy, as a result of your Kodály experience.  

MUSE 750P: Kodály Children's Choir

This course is designed for students who want to further their understanding of Kodály techniques in the context of choral teaching. Persons enrolled in this course have completed their OAKE Certificate and are seeking independent study or small group study. The course is handled by individual or a group contract. Students will observe rehearsals of the Treble Choir Camp. This is your chance to watch and reflect on the teaching of a master Kodály teacher as she works with children in a performance setting. 

MUSE 761 & 762: Level 1 and MUSE 763 & 764: Level 2:   Kodály Secondary Track

The Kodály is not simply for elementary teaching! Principles found in the Kodály method applicable to secondary level performance ensembles, and in fact, are typically used in performance settings in areas with a strong Kodály presence. These courses are a parallel course to the traditional Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Students will also enroll in Level 1 and Level 2 Solfege and take it with the traditional classes. Students will learn Kodály pedagogy appropriate for adolescent musicians and develop a body of repertoire appropriate for teaching in the beginning and intermediate level ensemble.