Application for Degree/Exit Survey

In the semester in which a student plans to complete all requirements for their degree, the student must file an Application for Degree, with Exit Survey and pay the $25.00 filing fee, no later than the 20th day of classes for any fall or spring semester, or no later than the 10th day of classes (of the regular 8 week session) for the summer semester.

The Application for Degree (AFD) informs the Graduate School of your plans to complete your degree requirements in a given semester, and triggers an audit of your student record in order to determine if all requirements have been met.

When a student files their AFD, their degree requirements must be met by the completion deadlines for that semester. Failure to meet those deadlines will require a new AFD and $25 filing fee for the next semester in which the student plans to complete their degree requirements. Each time a student delays degree completion, a new AFD and $25 filing fee will be required by the published deadline for that semester. The Exit Survey is only required once.

Degree Completion Deadlines

Students wishing to file an Application for Graduate Certificate (AFGC) must follow the same process as above. The Exit Survey is only required if the student is also submitting an AFD at the same time. Graduate Certificates require an approved plan of study in order to be awarded. Students are permitted to file one AFD and one or more AFGC forms at the same time. Each separate time that an AFD or AFGC form is submitted, the $25 filing fee will be charged.

How Do I file the Application for Degree or Application for Graduate Certificate?

Submission of the AFD, AFGC, Exit Survey and the $25.00 filing fee is to be completed online. The process is easy and clear, and allows you to validate your information as you proceed through the online system. Please be aware that you must pay the $25.00 fee using a credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you will not be able to file electronically. If that is the case, please contact the Graduate School office for assistance.

Once you are ready to file your AFD or AFGC (or both), simply log in to the myWSU Portal, and click on the “My Classes” tab. Once on that page, on the right hand side, near the middle, you will see a channel called "Graduation Links". Click on the appropriate link in that channel to proceed.