Nomination for Graduate School Awards

Faculty members who wish to nominate a student for a Graduate School Award must fill out the form below, then follow the instructions that will be provided after the form is submitted. Each program is allowed to nominate ONE student per award. Please work together to ensure this process within your unit. Nomination deadline was April 2, 2018 - no further nominations accepted for Fall 2018.

NOTE - after completion of this form, you will be asked to upload supporting materials which must include the documents listed below. These must all be submitted at the same time in order for the student to be considered for the award(s):

  • Faculty letter of support
  • Student statement
  • Student resume or curriculum vitae
  • Students being nominated for Delano Maggard must also include (1) a budget for their research project, and (2) if the proposed research project involves human or animal subjects, a copy of the approval from the WSU Institutional Review Board or Animal Care and Use committee.

Please fill out all fields below:

Nominating Faculty First Name:

Nominating Faculty Last Name:

Nominating Faculty Email Address:

Student First Name:

Student Last Name:

Student myWSU ID number:

Student E-mail Address:

Student Phone:

Student GPA:

Student Major (Anthropology, Electrical Engineering, etc.):

Student's Degree Level (PhD, Master's, etc.):

Student's Anticipated Graduation Date (Spring 2017, for example)

Please select the award(s) you wish to nominate the student for, then click "Submit". You will then be taken to an instruction page with a link to Dropbox to upload the required materials. Reminder - you must submit this form, AND upload all of the required supporting materials in order for the student to be considered for the award(s).

Tilford Fellowship

Delano Maggard Jr, Research Grant

Dora Wallace Hodgson - Outstanding Master's Student

Dora Wallace Hodgson - Outstanding Doctoral Student

Descriptions and criteria for the above awards can be found on the Awards webpage.