Applying for GRASP

Eligibility & Requirements

Graduate students from any WSU department are eligible to apply to participate in the annual Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects (GRASP) symposium. All applicants must submit an abstract of their research by the Spring deadline. The Editorial Board will review the abstracts and select participants. At the GRASP event in April, posters will be judged and winners will be awarded prizes. Abstracts will be published in the Shocker Open Access Repository (SOAR).

Students must work with their advisor in the application process and when preparing their abstracts and posters. Make sure you speak with your advisor before submitting your abstract.

Prepare Your Abstract / Abstract Requirements

Submit Your Abstract

Abstracts are due after the winter break. The link for submission will be active soon. Please check back at the beginning of February. You will need the following information to submit: name; WSUID and email; department/program; research advisor's name and email; abstract title; co-author's names (if any).

Please note that the person who submits the proposal will receive all communications from GRASP. It will be their responsibility to forward information to co-authors.

  • GRASP abstract submission closes February 11 Submission has closed.

Note: the submittal form will lose the formatting from your MS Word document. Save your MS Word file for later use.

Preparing for GRASP

After your abstract has been accepted and you have confirmed your intent to participate, we will reach out to you via email regarding submission of your final abstract and providing information about the GRASP event.  Tips, including requirements, examples and abstract templates, are available below.

GRASP 2021

GRASP 2021 will be held virtually on Blackboard. Students will record short, 3-minute video presentations for attendees to view. Participants will need to upload their videos to YouTube and provide a link by March 19 (deadlines below). You may use any method of video recording you wish. We have, however, created suggested video recording and uploading instructions found here. Please use the following guidelines when recording your video:

  • Your face must be visible at all times during your recording
  • You must show your "poster" slide during the presentation
  • Your presentation must be one continuous recording--no editing is allowed within the presentation. You may trim the beginning and end of the video to delete parts that are not part of the presentation.
  • Video presentations should not be over three (3) minutes.
  • All videos must be closed captioned. Videos lacking closed captioning will be disqualified. Instructions for finding and editing YouTube's automatic closed captioning available in the recording and uploading instructions.
  • Your video does not need to be listed in the directory, but it must be live the entire time that GRASP is available for viewing. 
  • Be sure that you do not disable embedding. Allowing a video to be embedded is a default setting in YouTube. Please do not change this.

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with your recordings; however, the library does have video recording resources available for student use.


  • February 11, 2021: Submit initial abstract
  • February 23, 2021: You will be notified of your acceptance
  • March 11, 2021 March 15, 11:59 PM: Final abstracts due to Sheree via email. Copy your advisor!
  • March 19, 2021 March 22, 7:59 AM: Video link submissions due. Submit here
  • April 2, 2021: GRASP Symposium goes live
Preparing Your Abstract

Your abstract should reflect the standards in your field. To accommodate this, we have two abstract templates that you should choose from. Consult with your advisor to make sure you are using the best template for your field. Remember that the overall GRASP audience will not be experts in your field.

Templates are provided here:

If you are looking for general inspiration or want to see what others have done in the past, you can review previous years' abstracts in University Libraries' SOAR database.

Preparing Your Poster

Posters may be no larger than 36 x 48 inches. There are no exceptions to sizing. If your poster is too large, you may not be able to participate. GRASP will provide tacks for posters--you need only bring your poster to the event.

Be prepared to give a 3-5 minute oral summary of your project to the judges. After your summary, judges may ask you questions about your project. Remember, judges will come from all areas of the University, so your poster and summation should be directed to a general audience. 


The Judging Rubrics for Posters provides more information on expectations for posters and presentations.

Poster Tips
  • Clear design starts with clear thinking!
  • Keep in mind that most people (and judges) vieweing your poster are not experts in your field.
  • A well-organized and succinct poster is more likely to grab the audience's attention. A crowded, complicated, difficult-to-read poster will be passed by for an easer-to-read, well organized poster.
  • Be consistent: font size and style, alignment of text and graphics, fond size change on bullet levels, grammar and punctuation (e.g., sentence tense, use of periods), etc.
  • Use a pleasing color scheme and make your text, graphics, tables, and pictures stand out form the background. Make sure to balance white space and text to avoid clutter and emptiness.
  • Less=more
  • Use high-resolution, readable graphics, tables, and pictures that are properly labeled to eliminate text and make your poster more visually appealing.  Do not use 3-dimentional graphs. 

For excellent advice on preparting a poster, see Designing Conference Posters by Colin Purrington.

Presentation Tips

Dress professional, be entertaining, keep to the required time limit (3-5 minute elevator pitch and time for questions), maintain eye contact by not reading directly from your poster, practice your speech, and have fun!

This year, participants will provide a recorded presentation via youtube link. Suggested video recording and uploading instructions can be found here.

Additional Resources

Here are samples of posters from past events: Psychology #1; Psychology #2; English; Chemistry; Industrial/Mfg Eng. #2; Mechanical Eng.

GRASP 2021 will be held online. Presentations will be open for viewing on April 2nd, 2021.