GA Health Insurance

Wichita State University and the Kansas Board of Regents are pleased to offer a student health insurance plan for eligible graduate assistants. For eligible graduate assistants, a portion of the premium is paid by the University. The insurance coverage is effective January 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021 for those students who are fully enrolled by January 31. For those enrolled after that date, and by the deadline of February 26, 2021, coverage will begin on the day the premium is paid by the student.

To be eligible for the SPRING semester, students must hold a 0.50 EFT (20-hour week) GTA, GRA, or GSA (or a combination of appointments) that begins no later than FEBRUARY 26, 2021 (20th day of classes), and concludes at the end of the semester. The hiring documents must also be approved through all levels before February 26, 2021. Students are required to maintain appropriate enrollment while holding an assistantship.

Enrollment in the GA Health Insurance plan is a three step, online process:

  1. Fill out the online enrollment form (link only live during enrollment period)

    NOTE: Please ensure your email address is correct so you will receive the email from UHCSR to complete your enrollment!
  2. The Graduate School staff will review your enrollment form and if eligible, approve your application for the insurance. An email will be sent to you from the insurance company that instructs you to log back in and pay the premium.
  3. You will pay the premium online by credit card or e-check to complete your enrollment process.


Coverage Dates and Plan Costs
Rates Fall
8/1/20 — 12/31/20
1/1/21 — 5/31/21
6/1/21 — 7/31/21
Student $235.25 $235.25 $95.00
Student and Spouse $1,176.25 $1,176.25 $473.00
Student and One Child $1,176.25 $1,176.25 $473.00
Student and Two or More Children $2,177.25 $2,177.25 $851.00
Student, Spouse and One Child $2,177.25 $2,177.25 $851.00
Student, Spouse and Two or More Children $3,058.25 $3,058.25 $1,229.00