fam•bition / fam-bish-uhn / n.
A strong desire to connect your founding business to your future business.

Continuity is key to the life and health of your family business. A successful business is sustained by an entrepreneurial spirit that remains youthful, agile, engaged and connected. At its very core, it requires a continuum of learning and of growing. KFBF can help connect your founding business to your future business.

About Fambition:

The KFBF FAMBITION Program is designed for next generation family members of family businesses who are looking to grow in their knowledge and application of best practices. This could be next generation family members who are actively working in the business or family members who are just involved in the family or as owners. Regardless of level of involvement in the business, this program will give the next generation the tools to be a more engaged, self-aware, strategic leaders.

Program Details:

Number of Training Sessions: 8
Frequency of Trainings: Quarterly 
Frequency of Individual Coaching: Throughout
Length: 2 years
Training Session Length: 1/2 day
Training Sessions:
Managing Complexities of the Family Business
Understanding Yourself-- MBTI
Understanding Your Business
Effective Leadership and Management
Ownership Considerations
Governance, Strategy, and Culture
Sustaining the Family Business
What does Ownership Management Mean?

There will also be a celebration at the end of the program to congratulate participants on all they have learned and the connections they made.