Wichita State University is proud to be the only university in Kansas to offer the WSU Osher Reentry Scholarship Program for adult learners. The Osher Scholarships are designed to help undergraduate students who have experienced a five-year cumulative gap in their education.


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The application for the Fall 2024 semester is now open!

Qualified Candidates can earn scholarships that go up to $2,500 per year ($1,250/semester)!

The Osher scholarship is designed to promote lifelong learning and personal growth of students with a five-year cumulative gap in their education. This scholarship can get you the support you need to finish your degree.


Who is Eligible for the Osher Scholarship?

The Osher Reentry Scholarship is now open to online learners who meet the qualifications.

Students must meet all criteria to be eligible for consideration.

  • Be a fully admitted WSU student pursuing your first bachelor's degree.
  • Have experienced a cumulative gap in your education of at least five years.
  • Demonstrate financial need. Applicants must complete and file a FAFSA and submit a copy of the results, called the "Student Aid Report (SAR)."
  • Illustrate potential for academic success by maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA in all coursework.
  • Show academic promise and commitment to obtaining a degree.
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What You Need to Fill Out The Application

Before you fill out your application, make sure to have:

  • Expected enrollment for the next academic year
  • myWSU ID
  • Academic Information (where/when you finished high school or your GED, and any other college attendance)
  • Your updated resume
  • The first page of your Student Aid Report (SAR) from your FAFSA.
  • An answer to the following prompt: In a short essay, explain why you are pursuing a degree and the difference you hope to make by obtaining it. This essay should also illustrate your potential for academic success by maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and discuss your financial need. Not answering the essay prompt will automatically disqualify you from the program.

Questions about the Osher Reentry Scholarship Program?

Still have questions about the Osher reentry Scholarship Program?  Contact the Office of Online and Adult Learning at 316-978-8325 or:
Ask An Adult Learning Representative