URCAF 2021 will be held virtually. to YouTube and submit a link no later than April 2 (midnight CST / submissions after this time will not be considered).

Please use the following guidelines when recording your video:

  • Your face must always be visible during your recording
  • You must show your "poster" slide during the presentation
  • Your presentation must be one continuous recording -- no editing is allowed within the presentation. You may trim the beginning and end of the video to delete parts that are not a part of the presentation.

The forum will be divided into 3 competitive categories.

Oral Presentation: 10 minute oral presentation as the slides advance.

Poster Presentation: 3-4 minute presentatation. The posters will be displayed on a slide that will be displayed during the presentation.

Exhibition/Performance: Exhibitions of creative work (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) A 3-4 minute presentation of creative work is required.

Submit your presentation here.