Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the schedule of events?

-  8:00am - 12:00pm judging on Blackboard site - presentations will be open for viewing April 9.
-  2:00pm - 2:30pm Awards Presentation virtually. All participants and faculty mentors will receive a ZOOM link.

Question: Will I receive feedback from the judges?

Answer: Yes, participants will be emailed the judges feedback about a week after the event.

Question: What is the format of the presentation?

Answer: The format is your choice and varies based on academic discipline. Consult your advisor for more detailed recommendations.

Question: How should I dress?

Answer: This is also your choice. However, business professional dress is recommended.

Question: How do I submit the link for my presentation?

Answer:  Your presentation link will be submitted following these instructions. More information about how to record the presentation can be found here.

Question: What if I don't have the equipment to record?

Answer: The library offers resources such as the https://wichita.libcal.com/spaces as an easy way to record a video. Additionally, camcorders and Go Pros can be checked out from the library.

Question: Do I have to be present to receive an award?

Answer: To maintain the professionalism of the forum, all students are requested to attend the awards ceremony. However, as matters do arise, please let the moderator or chair know if you must be absent from the ceremony.

Question: What are the awards?

Answer: First place award winners in each category will receive $250, while second place winners will receive $100. the University Libraries is also awarding students for demonstrating research skills that utilize the Libraries' resources, including our collections, services, equipment, and facilities with up to three awards

Question: Where will I be presenting?

Answer: Presentations will be recorded in a professional manner with proper ZOOM etiquette. Make sure your environment is free from disruptions and noise.

Question: Can I present a group project? A term project? A paper?

Answer: Any form of research or creative activity is eligible. Oral and poster presentations are the two choices for participation.