Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the schedule of events?

Answer 1: Depending on the number of presentations and posters, the schedule will change each year. The schedule of events for 2018 will be posted in mid-March and participants will be emailed their presentation time and location. In 2017 the schedule was:

9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-12:00 Oral Sessions
10:00-12:00 Poster Viewing
1:30-2:00 Awards Presentation

Question 2:How will I be judged?

Answer 2: You can find the judging forms linked on the left side of this page.

Question 3: Will I receive feedback from the judges?

Answer 3: Yes, participants will be emailed the judges feedback about a week after the event.

Question 4: What is the format of the presentation?

Answer 4: The format is your choice and varies based on academic discipline. Consult your advisor for more detailed recommendations.

Question 5: How should I dress?

Answer 5: This is also your choice. However, business professional dress is recommended.

Question 6: When do I load my presentation?

Answer 6: Please meet your session moderator at least 15 minutes prior to your session in the presentation room. Load your presentation and provide biographical information for the moderator to introduce you.

Question 7: Do I have to be present to receive an award?

Answer 7: To maintain the professionalism of the forum, all students are requested to attend the awards ceremony. However, as matters do arise, please let the moderator or chair know if you must be absent from the ceremony.

Question 8: What are the awards?

Answer 8: The awards vary each year. Please consult the main page of this site for details on this years awards.

Question 9: Where will I be presenting?

Answer 9: There are several rooms in the RSC. Participants will be emailed their presentation room and time prior to the event.

Question 10: How are the rooms arranged?

Answer 10: The presentation rooms are usually arranged in conference style with a table and screen at front and rows of chairs. The poster session room is usually arranged with rows of tables. Please arrive early to confirm the room layout.

Question 11: What equipment is provided?

Answer 11: The presentation room has a projector and laptop. You need to bring your presentation on a flash drive. Be sure to load your presentation before the session begins.

Question 12: Can I present a group project? A term project? A paper?

Answer 12: Any form of research or creative activity is eligible. Oral and poster presentations are the two choices for participation.

Question 13: Where is the event held this year?

Answer 13: The 2018 URCAF will be held in the Rhatigan Student Center.