CashCourse is a website created by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) to provide financial literacy information to students and provide them with the skills necessary for financial well-being. Cashcourse is intended to help students manage their financial habits and to forge positive management practices in student's daily lives.

Visit CashCourse at was developed at Wichita State University utilizing federal College Access Challenge Grant funding administered by the Kansas Board of Regents. This free resource is available to help students succeed in college and beyond, with the target audience being students who are considering attending college and those who are new to the college environment. The course provides students and their families with the information and resources they need to make wise decisions about:

• Choosing a college they can afford.
• Surviving and thriving financially while in college and beyond.
• How much student debt to take on, from what sources.
• How to manage student debt after college.

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