Unlock Every Dollar!

Do you have a financial plan ready for this upcoming semester? Be sure to meet priority deadlines, complete the 2425 FAFSA form, and make it part of your plan to visit with our team for your financial success.


A photo of a Shocker Financial Wellness peer counselor standing in front of a group of students who are sitting down. The peer counselor is interacting with the students for a workshop activity.

Shocker Financial Wellness

Shocker Financial Wellness is dedicated to developing a community of financially knowledgeable Shockers.

Having awareness and confidence about personal finance helps students make smart financial decisions during and after college.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

A photo of two Shocker Financial Wellness Peer Counselors presenting a Kahoot activity at a Financial Wellness student event. The students are engaged with the activity.

Financial Coaching

Our peer financial coaches are trained and supervised by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and offer one-on-one peer financial advising on topics like budgeting and saving.



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