Wichita State University offers you an affordable education through financial assistance options. When you file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate that the results should be sent to WSU, the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) will evaluate your eligibility for federal student aid. Eligibility is determined on the basis of the FAFSA, cost of attendance and availability of funds.

To receive financial aid, follow the steps listed below:

1. Fill out the Wichita State University Undergraduate Admission. The application is available in the Office of Admissions, Marcus Welcome Center, or you can access it online.

Your application for financial aid and scholarships will only be processed once you have been admitted, but don't wait to be admitted before applying for federal financial aid.

2. Send your official FINAL high school transcript to the Office of Admissions. The transcript must show the date of your high school graduation and be sent directly from your school to the Office of Admissions. If you have a GED, you should have an official copy of your GED sent from the state to the Office of Admissions.

3. File the FAFSA by December 1st. You must enter WSU’s code (001950), in the school release section of the application in order to be considered for federal financial aid (grants, loans and work-study awards) at WSU. You can complete the FAFSA on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov. PRIORITY DATE DECEMBER 1st.

4. Respond to all request letters sent by our office. If the OFA needs additional information in order to complete your file, we will send you a letter requesting the necessary documentation. Please respond immediately to all correspondence from the OFA. INCOMPLETE FILES CANNOT BE PROCESSED.

5. Receive and review your award letter. The OFA will notify you in writing of any federal financial aid and scholarships that you are awarded for the school year. Please read the letter and all documentation that arrives with it.

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