The General Counsel's office provides and coordinates all legal services for Wichita State University and seeks to minimize and manage risks and costs. It is our goal to do so efficiently, courteously and professionally.

The General Counsel's office performs many functions, including the following delineated in WSU Policy:

Ensure compliance with Kansas Open Records Act

Submit an open records request

See Policy 20.01 Kansas Open Records Act

Review university contracts

Request review of a contract

See Policy 1.04 Execution of Contracts

Policy administration and interpretation

Request additions or revisions to university policy

See Policy 6.02 Administration and Policy Interpretation

Review requests for alcohol / cereal malt beverage service

General Counsel Request for Alcohol and Cereal Malt Beverage Service page

Assist with immigration matters

Request assistance with immigration matters

See Policy 3.32 Employment of Foreign Nationals

Issue litigation holds

See Policy 20.23 Retention of University Records

Report foreign gifts and review foreign contracts

See Policy 13.16 Foreign Gifts and Contracts

Crisis management planning and emergency responses

See Policy 20.02 Crisis Management Planning and Preparedness

See Policy 20.21 Emergency Response and Evacuation

Copyright enforcement

See Policy 3.36 Copyright

See Copyright Guidelines

See Policy 20.11 Use of the University's Name, Seal, Logos or Marks

Safety and violence reports

See Policy 3.33 Eschewing Workplace Violence

See Policy 8.18 Eschewing Campus Violence

Installation of video technology

See Policy 18.08 Electronic Door Locks, Security Cameras and Video Technology

Identity theft prevention

See Policy 13.15 Identity Theft Prevention

Receive and evaluate external grievances

See Policy 20.20 External Grievance Procedure

Review alleged violations of the Kansas Board of Regents' social media policy

See Policy 4.16 Review Procedure for Alleged Violations of the KBOR Social Media Policy

Participate in budget planning and allocation process

See Policy 12.01 Budget Planning and Allocation Process

Investigate allegations of misconduct in research

See Policy 9.13 Misconduct in Research

Manage conflicts of interest

See Policy 3.04 Committment of Time, Conflict of Interest, Consulting and Other Employment