Our Mission at ShockStarter is to unite curious and innovative students in collaboration with industry experts to make a positive impact on our community through applied learning opportunities.


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Our Values

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As a team, we’re dedicated to working together and building on each other’s ideas, all with a shared goal in mind. Our collaborative spirit extends beyond our team to form valuable partnerships with the industry, where our skills grow alongside their expansion.

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We prioritize ethical standards within ourselves, our team, and our community. Upholding integrity guides our decisions, creating a culture of trust and responsibility that’s essential in our academic
and professional pursuits.

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Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity

We celebrate the diversity of our team, recognizing the unique skills and backgrounds each member brings. Our commitment to equal opportunities ensures an inclusive environment, allowing everyone to thrive and support each other’s growth.

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Within our team, everyone is seen as a leader, empowered to guide others along new paths. Each of us has the opportunity to lead, offering guidance in our respective areas of expertise, fostering a collaborative environment for success.

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Our pursuit of excellence is a collaborative effort, working together to achieve end goals that we take pride in. Our dedication to doing our best is woven into every aspect of our work, driving us toward continuous improvement.

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We foster a culture of curiosity, encouraging questions and the exploration of different perspectives. The excitement of learning fuels our desire to constantly evolve, providing us with a deeper understanding of the world around us.

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We embrace fresh perspectives to generate new ideas, utilizing technology to drive innovation. Our commitment to being innovative allows us to stay ahead, adapt to change, and find creative solutions to challenges, both in our studies and beyond.

ShockStarter Alumni

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