This page is dedicated to all former Shock Starters and describes their time on the team and where they are now.

Former Shock Starters


Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker worked as a website designer through her time with Shock Starter. She was hired as a senior with a Marketing Major and Management Minor. She graduated in May of 2022. Working for both internal Wichita State and external small business clients, she created many web pages for different uses. She is currently working at Hadley Development in Wichita, KS as a Digital Marketing Manager. She is also a Reiki certified healer through Leaf & Stone Apothecary in Wichita, KS.


Zoe Hannah 

Zoe worked as Graphic Designer through her time with Shock Starter. She was hired as a senior with a Graphic Design Major. She graduated in May of 2022. Working for many small business clients as well as internal Wichita State clients, she created many graphics for company websites, social media pages, and more. She is currently working as a Graphic Designer at Axiom Strategies.


Michael Lay

Michael Lay

Years after graduating with his Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing from Wichita State, Michael Lay joined Shock Starter leading data analytics on several marketing projects. While working on our team, he was pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics & Information Management, which he obtained in May of 2022! He is now a Revenue Operations Analyst at Smart Warehousing. 

Aram Khader Image

Aram Khader

Aram Khader is a student at Wichita State University majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Marketing. Aram is passionate about helping local businesses reach more customers. She is looking for opportunities to improve her skills and gain hands-on experience within the business-tech world.


Becca Meyer Image

Becca Meyer

Becca brings enthusiasm, smiles, and two thumbs up everywhere she gos. Alongside the joy, she offer a creative and strategic perspective to clients' and coworkers' marketing needs. With every achievement a client, coworker, or person makes, she is there cheering! From her experience as a Marketing Strategist, she learned about: researching & implementing effective marketing strategies, social media management, analyzing social media metrics, effective communication skills with clients and coworkers, and basic graphic design skills.

Jordyn Brock Image

Jordyn Brock

Jordyn holds a love of photography from childhood. She finds photography allows her to express herself in ways words cannot. Jordyn wants her art to touch the heart of others or change their perspectives and tell others about it. A natural leader with exceptional skills in customer relations, creativity, strategic planning, and social media presence. She manages competing priorities with organized and resourceful approaches. She is interested in companies that positively impact the world. 

Gabrielle Mathews Image

Gabrielle Mathews

Gabrielle Mathews is ambitious and will always take up a challenge! She is studying marketing and graphic design at Wichita State University. When she graduates, she hope that her years of experience with internships and applied learning will land her a job in a creative marketing group where she can work with other creatives!


Bernice Barnes

Bernice works on a variety of projects that utilize her skill set including Web Design, Graphic Design, and Photography. She enjoys the team environments and the versatility to provide for client-based projects.


Dylan Buck

Dylan is primarily a self-taught editor. Most of his experience comes from experimentation over several years or developing projects for local clients. His creative process works with a target audience in mind, using a mindset focused on personalized media to directly reach an audience.