DID YOU KNOW? There are less than 10 Registered Patent Practitioners in Wichita, according to the USPTO's Practitioner Database

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How it works

Designed to advance innovation, the Gateway to IP program provides students an opportunity to gain important intellectual property skills while fulfilling the University's mission of being an educational, cultural, and economic driver for Kansas and the greater public good.

The Gateway to IP program will play an important and integral role in filling Wichita's resource void. Students perform inventor interviews, engage in technology evaluations, execute patent and other intellectual property searches, and obtain exposure to preparing patent applications. While students do not perform legal services, they learn the intricacies associated with the patent process under the supervision of experienced patent practitioners.

Overall, the program will provide WSU students yet another applied learning opportunity. While students are receiving valuable working opportunities to identify, cultivate, and protect intellectual property, the Wichita community will benefit.



Emmalie Gulledge Passed the Patent Bar!
Maria Jimenez Interned at Stinson Law Summer '22
Hanna Chastain Interned at MIT Summer '22


Current Program Collaborators:

Stinson, Patterson and Sheridan