Intellectual Property Disclosure Form

Please provide as much information as you can related to your innovation.  For information on Intellectual Property Policy and Institutional Procedures please click here.

First and Last Name
Email Address
What is the name of the Department, College or Lab where you work?
Name of Individual in charge of College or Department
Provide a short, descriptive title of the innovation.
What led to the conception and development of the innovation? What problem were you trying to solve? What deficiencies were you trying to overcome?
Provide a detailed description of the innovation. Describe the significant parts, features, functions and/or processes of your innovation.
Explain how this idea is different from similar and/or competing technologies. Specifically, what parts of the innovation or steps in the process are unique compared to others that you know about?
Explain how the innovation is better than other similar technologies or how it interacts with other technologies in a way that meets longstanding needs in a particular field. Do you know of companies or organizations that may be interested in using the innovation?
How will the innovation be used and who will benefit from its use? How much effort would be required to replicate the innovation? Could it be used for multiple purposes? Is this innovation part of a larger vision or related to innovations that have previously been submitted or may be submitted in the future?
List the Contributors who participated in the innovation. Please include full names and email addresses.
Was this innovation conceived during the performance of a research project? If so, what is the name of the project?
Include any funding or sponsored research information (Source of funding, Grant Number, etc.) Are you aware of any intellectual property reporting requirements under the contract for the research project?
Have you disclosed this to anyone outside of WSU? If so, what were the circumstances?
Do you have plans to publish this innovation or disclose it to others outside of WSU? Is so, describe the plans.

Any supporting documentation, drawings, etc.

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