Universities are responsible for amazing technology. From Google’s PageRank algorithm to Gatorade. But too often, innovation remains locked up inside a college campus. We are breaking this trend at Wichita State by solving real-world problems encountered by industry today. By being problem driven, we are TECH TRANSFER … done differently.



FY21 set a new record for licensing revenues received at Wichita State University!

39 Disclosures

Wichita State Tech Transfer and Commercialization handled 39 Intellectual Property Disclosures in FY21

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6 New Licenses

Wichita State Tech Transfer and Commercialization partnered with SIX new companies this year

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What is Tech Transfer and Commercialization

We believe Wichita State University is one of the most innovative universities in the country. Technology Transfer (Tech Transfer) is the process by which new innovations created are turned into products and commercialized. The key role of the Technology Transfer Office is to protect the intellectual property associated with these valuable innovations so that they can be licensed and commercialized, and brought to the marketplace for society’s benefit. 

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