Aerospace Engineering Students Compete in NASA Student Launch


From WSU Today:

"Wichita State’s College of Engineering recently sent a team of four aerospace engineering seniors to Huntsville, Alabama. where they successfully competed in the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center’s Student Launch Initiative (SLI). Participants design, build, and launch a rocket to complete a simulated inter-planetary mission.

The WSU team’s 37-lb., 10-ft. tall, rocket is reusable and includes an active drag system for altitude control. Additionally, the rocket carries an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that autonomously orients itself for takeoff, and delivers a simulated navigation beacon to a designated location. Everything worked as the team planned in Huntsville for the competition, and included students Bryan Cline, Skylar Dean, Jonathan Bowerman, and Mike Foster.

“Just getting invited to NASA’s SLI is hard, teams from all over the U.S. vie to participate and only the best go,” said Scott Miller, chair of the Aerospace Engineering Department. “Completing all the work and meeting technical milestones is extremely challenging.”  

Since August, the team completed three NASA design reviews, seven launches, and reached almost 300 3rd-12th grade students via educational outreach events, Miller said.

The team was assisted by Steve Klausmeyer and Jonathan Mowery, both WSU aerospace engineering alumni, as well as the faculty, providing advice, help, and funding. According to Miller, the team of four accomplished more than other universities did with teams of more than 20 students.

Find out more at NASA SLI competition."