Physics Professor Awarded NASA Grant


Physics Professor and WSI Affiliate Nick Solomey has been awarded a NASA NIAC Phase II Grant (for $500,000 over two years) to continue his research into a mission proposal for studying the solar interior.

According to Solomey, this new grant will allow for the continuation of research initiated under a Phase I grant, but now instead of just doing simulations studies he will be able to:

  1. Build a test detector in the lab and test it with cosmic rays and sources (this lab prototype will become part of a future cube sat space test mission or maybe a short stay on ISS that would need another grant once it works well in the lab).
  2. Do a design study for cost, time and trajectory with the Advanced Concept office at MSFC with our WSU AE part of the group working together.
  3. A science mission study, how much data is needed to do a first attempt at enough data to do the various science goals.

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