1. Student Poster Competition:

    • Purpose: In this competition, students create visual posters to showcase their research or project work.
    • Content: The poster should concisely present key findings, methodology, and conclusions.
    • Interaction: Students engage with conference attendees during designated poster sessions, discussing their work and answering questions.
  2. Student and Faculty Paper Presentations:

    • Purpose: These are oral presentations where students and faculty members share their research papers.
    • Content: Students highlight original contributions, literature reviews, or case studies. Faculty members present ongoing research.
    • Preparation: Clear slides and effective communication skills are essential.
  3. Student Project Competition:

    • Purpose: Students demonstrate practical applications of their knowledge and skills.
    • Content: They present prototypes, software, or innovative solutions related to their field.
    • Emphasis: Creativity, feasibility, and real-world impact are key.
  4. Faculty and Industry Poster/Research Project Presentations:

    • Purpose: Faculty members and industry members share their ongoing research or scholarly work.
    • Content: Similar to student posters but with a focus on faculty-led projects.
    • Engagement: Encourage discussions and networking among conference participants.