Project and Ticketing System

WSU's Ticketing System is a project and portfolio management (PPM) software solution specifically tailored to accommodate the needs of Higher Education, with a simple yet powerful web-based application. This allows Project Owners to submit and keep track of project requests. The PM ticketing tool builds on a typical project request framework, but delivers significant enhancements to the project request, approval, tracking, and reporting processes. All components of managing a process to the last survey of the stakeholders can be automated.


Mertrics are a crucial part of PPM. Measuring project progression and output targets enables PMOs to easily identify accomplishments and areas of improvement.

Project Training

Internal and external project concept training is available. Start with understanding the high level picture and benefits of project management by viewing the overviews. Then attend CMD training, "in person" PM training on campus which is very good and economical.

About PMO

The history of Project Management at WSU is fragmented with some department using PM and others none, frequently with different processes and tools. The good news is PM at WSU also has a history of continuous improvement. ITS started PM in 2015 when the first list of everything being requested of ITS was captured with limited data.

ITS Home Page

Information Technology Services (ITS) is WSU's central IT department. ITS supports the servers and enterprise applications for WSU administration, finance, and student services; operates the university's telecommunications services; and provides technology training and support for most of the departments of the university.


Portfolio Project Management

Portfolio Management is selecting the right projects to meet organizational goals, compete more effectively in their markets and respond quicker to environmental changes. Projects drive change, moving the organization to a new and better state thus the need to select the right projects to work comes first. Then managing a project is vital to accomplish more in less time with limited resources. Project Management Benefits include: improved communication, quality, timeliness and staying within budget. "How to do” projects in a consistent way is important to achieve WSU’s strategic goals.

Please Note: Sign-in might be required, training can teach you how if you need assistance.