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The Telecommunications Group provides voice and data services to support the University's mission. It is our goal to design, implement and support a high quality telecommunications solution for our end users. Our Group provides services to Wichita State University's Main Campus, WSU West, WSU South and satellite locations.

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Cell Phones

Telecommunications offers help with all your communication needs including cellular telephones. Problems can be greatly reduced by coming to us before your purchase. We can help you choose plans and providers, and avoid billing problems such as incorrect taxes. Please contact telecom services at x3535 or email
You may choose any company, but knowing when and where you'll use your phone will help determine which provider is best. Some companies offer better rural coverage, while others have better service in metropolitan areas. This can vary by provider. Most dealer websites offer maps showing coverage areas, however, not all advertised coverage is satisfactory.
Wichita State University has agreements with some providers that may save your department extra money.

Wichita State University Telecommunications Cellular Telephone Usage Policy

The State of Kansas Department of Administration, Division of Accounts and Reports, as well as Telecommunications at Wichita State University, recommends that cellular phone usage be reviewed on a periodic basis. If the airtime charge on a cell phone is found to be significantly more than the monthly rate plan, and this is recurrent, then action should be taken to reduce those charges. The State of Kansas interprets significant as being more than $25.00 in excess of the monthly plan. To take action you should reduce usage to a point where it is closer to the plan's allowable minutes, or you should review your plan. In reviewing your plan, you should look for one that offers minutes comparable to the amount of minutes you actually use. Telecommunications staff can help with this choice if you call extension 3535.

Wichita State University's standards regarding telecommunications follow:

Telecommunication Services suggested use policy:

The Avaya PBX, local and long distance network, voice mail, cellular phones and pagers and other services provided by University Computing and Telecommunications Services are for University business use only. Although it is understood that some local calls will be made and received through these services, abuse of these systems may subject the employee to disciplinary action up to, and including termination of employment.

Any deviation from the following cellular telephone Security Standards are not allowed without explicit approval from your Dean or department chair.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are purchased from and maintained by an outside vendor. They are provided by Wichita State University for quick access to and from the staff member. Justification for a cell phone is left to the discretion of department heads or budget officers with the understanding that regular audits by the state of Kansas are expected. These audits will look for plans that do not fit needs and usage, as well as abuse of the service.

Cell phones are to be used for business purposes only. This includes so called free minutes, anytime minutes, evening or weekend minutes, or any other industry or marketing term, which means that the minutes come with the plan purchased by Wichita State University.

Handsets purchased, or received in conjunction with an access plan by Wichita State University are the property of Wichita State University, and remain so even after termination of the plan.

When practical, staff members are encouraged to seek a "landline", or extension of the PBX, to avoid using cellular minutes. The use of a less secure, less capable, and less robust cellular telephone when a desk set or other landline is available, is not an efficient use of university resources.