What can I see on my Projects?

Details: Overview of Status, percent completed on planned timeline, Project Charter details. Project Charter includes:

  1. Purpose/Benefits
  2. Sponsor/Funding
  3. Deliverables/Success Criteria
  4. High-Level Timeline
  5. Teams/Stakeholders

Feed: Executive overview of last week's highlights (New Items, Status Changes, Edits, and Comments.)

Plans: See Tasks assigned to you and mark complete.

Briefcase: Contains Project Documents.

Calendar: Filter on needed timeframe and needed items: Events, Issues, Tasks. Used for a quick view of today/week.

Contacts: Includes the names of all team members, plus Email address, Phone Number, Company and Title.

Issues: Shows any problems that are happening now, drill for details. Any team member or stakeholder may raise an issue. Use the "+New" button to add one.

Risks: Shows any potential problem that might happen to the project. Any team member or stakeholder may raise a risk. Use the "+New" button to add one.

Announcements: Updates for the team.