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Accessibility Before Class

OIR is committed to bringing WSU instructors custom-created content they can trust to guide them in becoming the best teachers they can be. At this time, we are working on building out this page.  In the meantime, please visit Iowa State's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching's article entitled, "10 Tips for Creating Accessible Course Content." You should also consider signing up for Microsoft applications training through WSU's ITS Applications Training group. The better you can use applications like Word and PowerPoint, the more accessible your class materials will be.

Another thing to consider before class is to make sure your syllabus is a digitally accessible document that is provided as soon as possible to your students. Create your course syllabus as early as is feasible and make it available to your students before the first day of class when possible. You can upload your syllabus to your Blackboard class 30 days before the first day of presession for the term you are teaching in, and if you want to distribute a copy of your syllabus sooner, try sending an email out through the Banner interface. Giving students advance notice about course expectations and materials allows those students who need more time to begin reading course materials, and it also allows students who might request accommodations enough time to work with Office of Disability Resources.