We help educators find, create and implement innovative and engaging learning assets. Think of us as the creative friend in your network.

Welcome to Academic Creative Services

We understand effective teaching takes preparation. It takes focus. Finding the right creative assets to support your instruction can be challenging, time consuming and frustrating. We can help.

Below you will find Academic Creative Services resource and training channels. A great way to begin is by watching this walkthrough video. In this video we will walk you through navigation and topics for all of our services. 

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Resource & Training Channels

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A Great Place to Start.

Topics covered include the basics of design, design tools, creative software, accessible design, and creative brand assets. 

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All Things Audio.

Recording voice-overs and soundtracks, cleaning up audio recordings, audio equipment and recording software are just a few of the topics and training found here.

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"A picture is worth…"

Let's help you find the perfect image to illustrate your idea. Tips & training include finding image libraries, creating your own images, photography & image manipulation training, infographics and helpful graphic design resources.

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The Moving Image.

This is where you can find training & resources for video and screen recording, live-streaming and conferencing, motion graphics and video editing. Topics include software and hardware options.