Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.
Massimo Vignelli, Italian designer

Why Design Matters

This unit covers the very basics of design theory, providing a base-line vocabulary and terminology for design application, while highlighting some important considerations when crafting content for the classroom. This content is for those new to design and those seeking additional resources and/or training for design application.

This section is designed to provide an overview of design theory, providing a more conceptual approach to this training and providing a vocabulary and foundation for the project-based training with software and LMS platforms. 

You will also find an Additional Resource section below. There you'll find additional information and learning that has been curated by our team to support and further the training in this unit.

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Elements of Design

This module defines the 7 elements of design and how understanding the elements might assist with creating stronger educational material.

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Principles of Design

This module covers the 12 principles of design and how those principles can be used with the elements of design to communicate ideas more efficiently. 

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Using the Grid

In this module we demonstrate how using a grid and understanding a few simple compositional tips & tricks can improve the impact and engagement of learning assets.

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Accessible Design

This module highlights the importance of accessible design with learning content. We also highlight where to find the WSU standards on accessibility and provide direction for training and continued learning.

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Software Available for Use

This module covers the various creative software available to WSU faculty, staff, and students, and provides links to accessing the software. Links to training can be found in the text version of this module.

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Working with WSU's Brand

This module highlights the available assets, templates, and WSU brand resources available through WSU's Strategic Communication.

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Looking for Something?

Access to Microsoft Software    Access to Adobe Software    PowerPoint Training    Blackboard Training   Accessibility Training

Additional Resources

mirrored image of an orange, one with the expected colors of an orange, one with the colors flipped

This collection of resources includes articles on design, educational material on using design to craft learning, and podcasts centered on design and creative learning assets.

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This collection of resources centers on design thinking and how the this tool can improve the creative process and increase measurable outcomes.
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Here you will find reading and resources on what universal design is, how it's different than accessible design, and how it can assist with crafting our learning content and improving the learner experience.
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Collected here links directly to those servics and resources covered in the units training, including access to the WSU logo, WSU colors & fonts, and more.