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Hybrid With Blended Delivery and In-Person Testing (Hybrid Option 1)

This option assumes most content delivery and all testing will be done in-person, but some content delivery will be online. This type of delivery is similar to an "all in-person" design but introduces a level of flexibility through online content delivery. This option is best suited for:

  • Lab courses
  • Courses with very expensive resources that must be accessed at the university
  • Performance courses
  • Other courses that require coming to the university

While this option is similar to at traditional classroom instruction (TCI) class, it is actually closer to a light "flipped" model where students are expected to come to the in-person version of the course having completed certain online/remote activities and/or assessments. The in-person components of a course using this choice would still need to be modified to meet the in-person course requirements for safety. These could include:

  • Content delivery may need to be modularized
  • In-person content delivery may need to be less frequent than with typical TCI delivery
  • In-person content delivery may need to be set up on a rotating basis to ensure social distancing requirements

All courses with in-person content delivery will also need to follow these guidelines:

  • Social distancing requirements must be followed at all times
  • Instructors and students must wear face coverings during class, including during lecture

To assist you in putting some of your content online, Instructional Design and Access has created a learning path for you as part of the Academic Resources Conference (ARC). Please go to the "Topic or Track" sessions listing for the ARC here, and choose "Conference Tracks" and then "Hybrid Option 1" for a list of recommended trainings to support you. We will be offering a mix of online/on-demand video trainings, online/real-time interactive trainings, web-based narrative trainings, and currated articles to fill out your full learning path.