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How to Plan Your Hybrid Course

The success of hybrid/blended learning initiative demands institutional commitment involving leadership at every level in the institution including senior executives, college deans, department chairs, faculty, and support staff. With the support, and coordination with the leadership, the instructor can start planning the design process.

The planning process starts by navigating the resources available in the institution to support the design process. These include:

  • Technology infrastructure
  • Training opportunities or professional development
  • Technical help desk
  • Instructional design support
  • Learning management system
  • Integrated media production services
  • Time before delivery

At Wichita State University; we are fortunate that the senior executives, deans, directors, and chairs are fully supportive of the need for hybride course delivery. There is technology infrastructure with the necessary helpdesk. There are also continuous professional development opportunities, on demand training, and group or one-on-one instructional design support. 

For your needs reagrding Blackboard, integrated media services, and instructional design:

  • Instructional Design and Access (IDA) office a great deal of online/on-demand help through
  • IDA also have Academic Resources Conference (ARC) scheduled for summer covering topics on beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of blackboard use, course building, and designing hybrid courses. More information about Summer 2020 ARC can be found at
  • IDA runs regular virtual labs and you can find times and links at
  • If you have instant questions or need immediate assistance, send emails with questions to

For your needs regarding technology support:

  • The university's Information Technology Services provides support on issues related to technology devices including computers and software, telecommunication, emails, and so much more.
  •   If you need support in different topics including but not limited to academic advising, student registration, or online learning, please contact the university's OneStop service.
  • For your instructional technology support contact Campus Media Service (CMS) at the Media Resources Center.