Looking For Blackboard Help?

Learn the Basics of Online Classes Quickly

This program was initially developed during the 2020 COVID-19 move to remote classes. It proved so helpful to instructors with little or no online teaching experience, that we have kept it. But please be aware, this program primarily focuses on the technical aspects of going online in a Blackboard Learn environment. These are very important skills, but online teaching is more than just a technical challenge. Please make sure to look through our other resources in the "Pedagogy" section to make sure you are prepared to think about your online class as a destination in-and-of itself, and not simply a technical location. Also, WSU is currently transitioning to Blackboard Ultra, a process that will complete in late 2022. These instructions are specific to Blackboard Learn, not Blackboard Ultra. If you would like to learn more about Ultra, please check out our Blackboard Ultra section.