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Blackboard Ultra

Blackboard Ultra is Blackboard's upgraded Learning Management System, and Wichita State will be gradually shifting to it throughout 2022-2023. At this time, there is no target date for moving all courses to the Ultra Course Format, and instructors can choose the format that works best for them and for their course material. To learn more about Blackboard Ultra, click "Section Menu" above, or start with these pages:


Ultra at WSU

We are now in Ultra Base Navigation at WSU, and all instructors have the choice of offering their courses in Ultra Course Format or Original (aka, "old") course format. At this time there is no target date for intructors to move to Ultra Course Format. Most classes have an Ultra Course Format version provided by the university. To find Ultra versions of your previously-offered courses, click the "down arrow" next to "Current Courses" in Blackboard, and go to the "Sandbox" area. All courses ending in "-U" are ultra versions of previously-offered courses.