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Copying Ultra to Ultra

Once you have taught a course in the Ultra format, you can reuse the content in a new Ultra course format area. You cannot use Ultra course content in and "Old" Blackboard course.

Copying one Ultra course to another Ultra course is simple, but you will need the course CRN to do it. The CRN is the 5 digit number identifying your course. To copy your content you need to:

  • Login to your new course (the one with no content).
  • Find the ellipsis adjacent to the "Course Content" header in the middle of your screen. Click the ellipsis.
  • Choose "Copy Content" and in the search box, type in the CRN of the course you want the copied content to go to.
  • Select the content you want to copy and then click "Copy Selected Content" and wait. Your course content will take about 10 minutes to copy into your new course under most circumstances. Only copy one time! If your content does not copy, please contact the Office of Instructional Resources at