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Integrating LinkedIn Learning with Ultra

To integrate your course with LinkedIn Learning with your course on Ultra view, here is what you need to do:

  1. Sign into your course and click on the + sign by the folder or the content area where you want the LinkedIn video to be added to, then select the "Content Market" option

          + sign to add content   Select Content Market
  2. Depending on the size of your screen, you will not see all the tools from the content market on one display; If you do not see the "LinkedIn Learning" option up front, you should click the right arrow on the side to see more tools. When you see the "LinkedIn Learning" option, click on it

             Right arrow to move to next page    Linked in Option
  3. Then type the title of the training video you wish to share and choose the video from the list of suggested videos, then click Submit
          Search the Video on the search box
  4. The final step is to choose a category for the video (assignment, discussion, …), then hit "Submit"
                  Create category

If you create it as an assignment, it will not create a grade book column.  All the integration does is place the videos in your course.  If you want an actual gradable assignment, you will need to create an assignment and ask the students to submit the course completion certificate to an assignment you build.