Results Information

The Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys (CES) platform provides several options for instructors to create reports of their course evaluation results for the semester. Results will be available the Friday after grades are due to the Registrar for the current semester.  An email notification will be sent to each instructor when the results are available.  

Policies and procedures are programmed within CES and these have an effect on the results. Known scenarios are highlighted in the next section below. The FAQ page has additional information regarding the policies and procedures.

Possible Scenarios Regarding Results

  1. There is a sufficient number of responses for results for all your courses in the semester’s course evaluation project.
    • Reports can be generated.
  2. There are not enough responses for results for any of your courses in the semester's course evaluation project.
    • The statement “No Courses Found” appears under Project Results.
  3. Some courses have data for results while others do not in the semester's course evaluation project.
    • Reports can be generated for courses that appear under Project Results. The courses that appear will only be those that have a sufficient number of responses.

If you opted out (deleted) a course in CES, then it is deleted from the system.  No evaluation is sent nor is there any reference of this course in the Project Results.

Other scenarios may happen.  Notify Sandra Ranney by describing the situation. 

Go here for Instructions Related to Your Results