When You Don't Want CES

Instructors have access to decide which courses can be evaluated with the Course Evaluation and Surveys tool (CES).  With CES, instructors must delete the courses that do not need to be evaluated.  The process has a set schedule, and the Manage Courses box will only have an active link in the box when an instructor has courses to manage.  After the stated date, whatever courses remain in CES will be evaluated.  Once a course is deleted, it cannot be added back to the evaluation queue to be evaluated.

Opting Out

  1. Instructors begin by logging in to their Blackboard account
  2. On the Institution Blackboard page, locate Tools in the navigation bar on the left.  Click on Tools in the Institution Page. That looks like this:


  1. Click on CES Course Evaluations
  2. In the box on the right labeled Manage Courses, click on the current semester's project name. This is a link that will allow you to view the project information:  
      Image indicating Manage Courses box
  3. In the box labeled Projects, click on the icon to View the details of the current part-of-term in the project:

     Image indicating view icon
  4. The system will list the courses assigned to you for the current part-of-term.
  5. If you want to delete any courses from being evaluated during this administration, you must:
    1. Click the box by the course code listed.
    2. Then select Delete Selected Courses above the Project Courses box. This will delete the course(s) in CES and the students will not be sent an evaluation.
      Manage Courses Indicated