The Response Rate Tracker

To locate the Response Rate Tracker, sign-in to Blackboard and click "Tools" in the black bar to the left:

Tools indicated

From there, choose "CES Course Evaluations" and that will take you to your dashboard for CES.  From this dashboard, you can access your response rate tracker, which you can find on the left side of the screen.  

Response Rate FAQ With Pictures

  • If your Response Rate Tracker says "No Project Found," this means that either the CES project hasn't opened yet or that you chose to opt-out of the project or your course was excluded for some other reason.

No Project Found

If your Response Rate Tracker shows a project but it indicates 0 students have responded, this typically means the project has not yet opened. That looks like this:

No Students

Improving Your Response Rate

  • In the list below, there are some suggestions to potentially increase response rates and receive useful and constructive feedback. 
    • Designate time in class for students to complete evaluations.
    • Add a blurb about course evaluations in the syllabus.
    • Let students know that you value their honest and constructive feedback and tell them how you use their feedback.
    • When evaluations open for the course, remind students that they are available.
    • Remind students that evaluations are completely anonymous, and results are not available until after grades are turned in to the Registrar’s office.
    • It is best to complete the evaluations sooner in the evaluation period rather than later.  Blackboard will be affected if the student has not taken some action regarding the evaluation towards the end of the period.