Custodial Services Cleaning Guidelines and Frequencies

Priority for cleaning is as follows:

  1. Public restrooms
  2. Public spaces (entryways, lobbies, main corridors/hallways)
  3. Student utilized spaces (classrooms, labs, lecture halls, locker rooms/showers, Student Success, Career Development, Admissions, OneStop)


  • Clean and stock public restrooms (stock twice daily)
  • Clean public spaces (entryways, lobbies, main corridors/hallways)
  • Empty public trash containers
  • Spot clean glass doors
  • Visually assess, spot clean, and empty trash in department break rooms/kitchenettes

Daily for Classrooms/Labs/Lecture Halls

  • Visually assess and spot clean classrooms, labs, lecture halls
  • Clean classroom chalk/white boards as needed
  • Thoroughly dust mop/vacuum floors on alternating days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday), determined by classroom schedules at the start of the fall, spring, and summer sessions
  • Empty trash/replace liners as needed

Bi-Weekly (twice a week)

  • Visually assess and spot clean department offices (Deans and Department Chairs) and conference rooms
  • Custodial staff does not clean appliances (coffee pots, toasters, toaster ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, etc.)
  • Spot clean stairs
  • Check/empty trash in faculty/staff offices***


  • Clean and disinfect classroom desks/work surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect touch points (door hardware, elevators buttons, water fountains)
  • Clean stairs/stairwells
  • Visually assess and dust/spot clean horizontal surfaces in public spaces and student utilized spaces (ledges, window sills)

Bi-Monthly (twice a month)

  • Visually assess and spot clean faculty/staff offices, as needed


  • Visually inspect and clean interior windows, as needed


  • Exterior window cleaning, first floor only

Annual (in-house project work)

  • Strip, scrub, wax resilient floors (semester breaks and occasional weekends)
  • Deep cleaning of carpeted floors (semester breaks and occasional weekends)

*** Food waste has been shown to attract vermin. We ask that faculty/staff place any food waste in designated breakrooms or in communal waste containers that will be placed throughout our facilities.

Extra cleaning: Requests for cleaning beyond these guidelines require a work order request be submitted to Physical Plant.

Facilities Services Work Orders