Theft Prevention

Theft is the most common crime that occurs on college campuses across the country, and Wichita State University is no exception.

Common campus areas where the most thefts occur are: The Rhatigan Student Center, Ablah Library and the Heskett Center.

Safeguard your valuables by practicing the following easy tips:

In the Residence Halls

  • Keep windows and doors locked, even if you are inside the room sleeping or plan to be absent for only a short time. This will help protect both you and your possessions.

  • Keep small valuable items like cash, checks, credity cards, and jewelry locked in a safe place.

  • Immediately report any broken doors, windows, locks and lights to your Community Assistant (CA) or the Hall Director.

  • Do not lend your key(s) to anyone, even friends.

  • Do not prop doors open. This means external doors as well as the door to your own room. Propping doors open allows access to anyone for any reason.

  • Identify valuable items and keep and record, including serial numbers.

  • When leaving on a scheduled College break or even for a long weekend, consider taking your valuables with you. If that's not possible, make sure they are locked uup securely before you leave.

  • Once you decide to keep a textbook, consider making a unique marking on a specific page. For example, printing your birthday in green ink in the lower left corner of the page 196. This identifies your book from all the others on campus. Avoid using personal information like your name, phone number, or address.

Safeguarding Your Bicycle

  • Record your bicycles make, model, serial number, color, etc and keep it in a safe place.

  • Always store your bike in an authorized area. Never leave it unattended in a hallway, stairwell, fire escape, etc. This not only creates a fire safety hazard, but it places your property at risk for theft.

  • When you are not physically with your bike, lock it. The best locking method is to use a "U" shaped lock. If one is not available, then use a 5/8-inch chain (minimum) casehardened steel chain.

  • Always lock your bike through both wheels and the frame. When locking your bike, secure it to an immovable object such as a bike stand.

Safeguarding Your Vehicle

  • Lock your vehicle and pocket the keys.

  • If you can't take your valuables with you, keep them out of sight by locking them in the trunk.

  • Never put your address on your key ring. If you lose your key ring a thief will not only have your residence keys, but will know where you live.

  • Don't leave the car running, unattended.

  • Never leave the key in the ignition or in the car; most cars are commonly stolen at ATM's, convenience stores, etc.

  • Carry your registration and insurance with you. Don't leave it in your car.

  • Copy your license plate and VIN number on a card and keep it with your driver's license. Police will need a copy of it if your car is stolen.

If You are the Victim of Theft

Call University Police at 978-3450 or 911

Be prepared to give a description of the property and a serial number if appropriate.