Recycling bins outside at the Devlin Hall dock

Special Pick-ups

If you have special pick-ups, such as storage room clean-outs, file cabinet clean-outs, disposal of excess brochures, catalogs, etc., please place a work order with staff in Gaddis Physical Plant administration building. Make arrangements before you clean out, in order to make our work manageable, and in order to maximize the safety in your area.

  • Large bin rental and pick-up for office and file cabinet clean-outs
  • Electronics recycling
    • This is a multi-step process, the first of which involves taking the equipment out of the campus inventory. Once that is done, you can schedule a pick-up with the warehouse and have your electronics recycled. Learn more about recycling electronics.
  • Purging of old hardback books or library collections
  • Purple Wave / Warehouse to get rid of furniture and equipment
    • Please call James Sublett at 978-7938.

Questions? Call 978-3444 and ask for Kari Ossman