Grade Reporting

The WSU Registrar’s Office is responsible for the official collection, recording and maintenance of grades. All grades are posted by faculty/instructors through Banner (WSU’s student information system) using the Banner 9 Grade Entry link in myWSU; instructions for grade entry are also found there.  Official grades are not entered in Blackboard. Faculty and staff with grading questions should contact the Registrar’s Office. Technical questions should be directed to the Technology Help Desk at (316) 978-HELP or

Grading System
Failing Grades and LDA
Grade Change
Incomplete Grades
Repeat Policy


Grades are submitted within several grading periods each term. During the grading period, grades are considered pending. Students can view grades in the Pending Grades channel on the myClasses tab in myWSU. Faculty can correct entry errors throughout the grading period. At the end of each period, grades are rolled to student academic history and can no longer be changed via the grade entry system.

Grading periods are:

First 8-week (4-week summer)
Full term

Grades not entered for earlier grading can be entered in a later period. The last day to submit grades for a given semester is the Tuesday after finals week (after last day of classes in Summer). A grade of NGS (no grade submitted) is entered for any grade not entered by the end of term deadline.  NGS must be changed using the same grade change process for any submitted grade.

Change of grades can be submitted online via the Teach/Advise tab in myWSU for courses within the past year. Changes for older courses must be submitted through the University Exceptions Committee or Graduate School (for graduate courses).

Grading System

A plus/minus grading system allows a finer differentiation of effort within grades A, B, C, and D, as reflected in the credit points below. For each hour of work the student takes, credit points are assigned, as follows, to permit averaging of grades:

A   = 4.000
A-  = 3.700

B+  = 3.300
B    = 3.000
B-   = 2.700
C+  = 2.300
C    = 2.000
C-   = 1.700
D+ = 1.300
D   = 1.000
D-  = 0.700
F    = 0        

Failing Grades and LDA
WSU has three failing grade options. These were created so faculty would only have to enter a last date of educationally-related activity (LDA) if a student stopped attending and/or participating online. Utilizing these grades correctly also means the office of financial aid will not have to contact instructors for further information. An Incomplete grade will also require an LDA because it could result in a failing grade by the automated incomplete process after the one year extension period (see Incomplete Grade Policy section below).

Final grade student should receive (and will see):

If student never attended class/logged in or participated online, enter:

If student attended class/participated online for entire course and earned failing grade, enter:

If student started but stopped attending/participating online and failed course, enter:


















Do not enter Last Date of Attendance

Do not enter Last Date of Attendance

You must enter Last Date of Attendance

Grade Change

An online change of grade process is available via a link on the Teach/Advise tab in the myWSU portal.

The online form is set up with two separate paths for graduate and undergraduate courses. If the instructor has Graduate Faculty status in Banner, the first screen will ask them to choose between UG and GR. If the instructor does not have this status, the form will go directly to the next screen.

If the change is for a Graduate course, the instructor will be asked to enter the term code. The term should be no more than one year in the past unless the course is a terminal course (i.e., dissertation). A change older than one year for any other courses must be submitted via the paper form through the Graduate School.

If the change is for an Undergraduate course, the instructor will select the term from a drop down which will only include the current term and those within the past year. Changes for a course in any terms older than those available in the drop down must be submitted via the paper form through the college exceptions process.

When the term is submitted, a list of the CRNs taught by the instructor in that term will appear. The instructor selects the appropriate CRN and the next screen will ask them to enter the student ID. They system verifies that the student was enrolled in that CRN and that an original grade was submitted. An instructor cannot change a grade of AU (audit) or W (withdrawn). The current grade of that student in the CRN will be listed and the instructor will enter the new grade. A change reason is also required. When all is entered, the instructor will click “submit.” An email will be sent to the instructor upon submission.

Submitted changes do NOT go directly to Banner. Registrar’s staff will receive the submissions and make the changes in Banner. An email will go to the instructor and the student when the change has been finalized in Banner. Grade details will not be listed in the email; students will be encouraged to log into myWSU to review their record.

Any questions about the online change of grade process can be directed to the Office of Registrar at 978-3055.

Incomplete Grade Policy
An incomplete is a temporary grade assigned when the faculty member grants a student an extension of time to complete the coursework. This extension of time may not exceed one calendar year from the end of the original semester. Credit is postponed and the course is not included in the student’s grade point average until a permanent grade is assigned.

When an incomplete grade is assigned, the faculty member may assign a default grade, other than the I grade. If the coursework is not satisfactorily completed by the end of one calendar year, the I will revert to the default grade submitted by the faculty member; if the faculty member does not assign a default grade, the I will revert to an F. When the student completes the work by the extension date, the faculty member must submit a change of grade form to assign an appropriate grade.

Students should not be given an incomplete if they will be required to take the course again. If a student does re-enroll in a course for which they were given an incomplete, the University's repeat policy takes effect.

Repeat Policy for Undergraduate Students
Any course may be repeated. No course may be attempted more than three times. For this policy, an audit does not count as an attempt.

Any grade received at completion of a repeated class at WSU will automatically replace up to two previous grade(s) received for that course in computation of the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Grades received in courses taken at another institution may not be used to replace grades in courses taken at WSU. If a student repeats a course at another institution, the WSU grade will be averaged into the GPA.

The department offering a course can approve an exception to the limit of three attempts. If such an exception is given, only the first two grades for the course will be excluded from the GPA. All other grades received for that course will be averaged into the GPA.

Courses repeated prior to fall 2013 are subject to the repeat policy in effect during that catalog year.

Students may not use a repeat taken after graduation to amend their GPA or honors as determined at the time of graduation.