Registration (enrollment) is done online and begins each April for the following summer and fall semesters, and each November for the following spring semester.

Are you eligible to enroll?

People eligible to enroll in classes at WSU include:

  • Students enrolled at WSU within the last two calendar years who have not graduated with their bachelor's degree.
  • Students previously enrolled at WSU more than two years ago who have reactivated their file for the current or next term.
  • Newly admitted students for the current or next term who have signed up for orientation, completed the pre-advising requirement (if needed), completed the placement exams (if needed), met with an advisor and have all holds released.

If you were previously enrolled at WSU more than two years ago or have just graduated with your bachelor's degree, reactivate your record. Students whose previous enrollment was only non-degree (college guest, high school guest, non-degree open admission or general non-degree) must apply through the appropriate Admissions Office for degree-bound admission.

If you have not been admitted to WSU, click here for more information on admission.

If you are an international student in F-1 status, you will need to complete the check-in process before enrolling.

Registration Timeline

On-line registration for Summer and Fall generally begins on the first Monday of April and on-line registration for Spring generally starts the second Monday of November. Registration opens at 7:00 a.m. on the first day and proceeds per the schedule below. Your classification is based on the total number of credit hours you have completed at the time of registration.

Monday Seniors (90+ earned credit hrs), Honors College Members and Graduate students
Tuesday Juniors (60-89 earned credit hrs)
Wednesday Sophomores (30-59 earned credit hrs)
Thursday Freshman (0-29 earned credit hrs)
Friday Non-degree bound students

Online Enrollment

  1. You can search the schedule of courses first and write down the course number (CRN) of each course so enrollment is faster.
  2. Log in to myWSU to enroll in your courses. If you need help, contact the Help Desk at or (316) 978-HELP.
  3. To register for your classes, go to the myClasses tab in myWSU and click "Add or Drop Classes." If you are eligible to enroll, the "Add Classes Worksheet" will display at the bottom of the screen. Please ensure you read the text for the conditions of enrollment before you add your classes.
  4. Add a class (register) by entering the CRNs of all the classes you want to take in the spaces provided or click the "Class Search" button to search for a class.
  5. If you choose the wrong course and need to remove it from the worksheet, then select the appropriate option from the "Action" drop down box on the "Add or Drop Classes" page and submit your changes.
  6. Some courses may have a prerequisite - another course or courses that must be completed before that course can be taken. Access your course in the online Schedule and check for required prerequisites by clicking on the course title or on "View Catalog Entry."
  7. Some classes offer a waitlist option. Being on a waitlist does NOT guarantee that you will get into that course. Click here for more information on waitlisting.
  8. Students must make payment arrangements at the time of enrollment. Account information is available on-line. Last day to make payment arrangements is listed in the semester calendar.

For more information regarding online registration, download a step-by-step guide here.

Add/Drop a Class

Adding or dropping a class can be done through myWSU during the add/drop period, which can be found on the Semester Calendar. To add or drop a class:

  1. Go to “Registration Tools” under the myClasses tab, and click Add or Drop Classes.
  2. To add a class, find the CRN (Course Registration Number) using the course search and enter it into the boxes on the “Add Classes Worksheet”.
  3. To drop a class, use the drop-down menu for the course in the “Current Schedule” area.
  4. When you have made all of your changes, click “Submit Changes”.

For more information about registration changes, read “Step by Step Guide to Registration” in the Quick Links box at the top of this page.

Cancelled Classes

Prior to the end of the second week of classes (or the proportional equivalent for shorter classes), the University reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment, or to make reassignment of instructors due to extraordinary circumstances. A full refund of enrollment fees will be automatically authorized for students who are enrolled in a class which has been cancelled. If you wish to use the refund (credit) from the cancelled class to pay the tuition for a replacement class you are “ADDING,” then you must process a “DROP” for the cancelled class at the same time you process an “ADD” for the replacement class. This must be done within the Add period for the term affected. Unless you are going to use the credit for another course, you do not have to “DROP” the cancelled course yourself. If you do nothing, we will drop the cancelled course from your schedule at the end of the second week of classes (or the proportional equivalent for shorter classes) and authorize a full refund (as appropriate).

Refund Policy

Partial or complete withdrawals require the student to drop each course via the onilne system at Any refunds owed to you will be used to offset any financial obligations you may have at the university. If your financial aid paid all or part of your costs, all or a portion of any refund goes back to that financial aid source.

Refunds will be issued by the Accounts Receivable Office according to the policy on their website. Refunds will be directly deposited to the bank account you have specified or will be mailed to you by the Accounts Receivable Office. No one other than the Office of Financial Operations and Business Technology in 201 Jardine Hall or the Tuition Refund Board of Appeals is authorized to determine the amount of tuition refund a student will receive.

Students who, because of extenuating circumstances, seek a higher refund than is available by policy, must petition the Tuition Refund Board of Appeals. Petition forms are available at the Office of Financial Operations, 201 Jardine Hall or online. The petition must be filed with the appropriate documentation. A petition for tuition refund beyond the policy must be filed at the Office of Financial Operations within the semester the course was taken.

Senior Citizen Waiver and Enrollment

In accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents policy, students who are at least 60 years of age may audit (no-credit) regular lecture or certain group activity courses without payment of tuition when there is space available and for which they meet the prerequisites. Senior Auditors must, however, pay any applicable facilities use fees, workshop fees or lab/special course fees. Please be aware that you will receive a 1098-T tax form from WSU. Even though some of the fees for the audited class can be scholarshipped by the University, we are required by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to provide you with a 1098-T form.

Prerequisites include admission to graduate school for graduate courses, and program admission for courses in which program admission is required of all students.

To receive the tuition waiver, Senior citizens must:

  • Be admitted to the University before registering. Click here for instructions on how to become admitted as a senior citizen (for undergraduate courses). Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions and the application. This process only needs to be done once.
  • Register in-person at Jardine Hall 102, WSU West or WSU South. Summer 2018 registration will begin on Thursday, June 7, 2018. Fall 2018 registration will begin on Thursday, August 23, 2018. If your class is not offered during the entire semester, call the Office of the Registrar at (316) 978-3090 to check for your enrollment date.
  • When enrolling, present a Medicare card or driver's license to validate age.

Senior citizens who wish to receive college credit must pay full fees and must register following the steps for online registration above.