The Banner registration system offers electronic waitlisting. Not all courses utilize waitlisting; academic departments determine which of their courses will have a waitlist and how they will utilize waitlisting. Please contact the academic department if you have questions on their waitlisted courses. If a waitlist is available for a closed class, the student will be offered the waitlist option during registration.

A regular process is run to look for open spots in waitlisted courses and send notifications to the next person on the waitlist. These spots become available when someone drops the course or the department increases the quota. When this happens, the available seat(s) will show; however if the course has students on a waitlist, the system will not allow anyone to enroll in the open seats. The seats are saved until the notification is sent to the next student on the waitlist. The process runs at 10:00 am Sunday through Friday, except for certain excluded dates during extended periods when University offices are closed. During times when the process is not run, students may see that there are vacant seats but no one is able to enroll in the course until the process sends a notification to the next waitlisted student.

The below timeline provides information on dates when the process will and will not be run.

Spring 2021

November 9, 2020 Spring registration begins 
November 10, 2020 Spring automated waitlist process begins
November 25-29, 2020 Thanksgiving Break - waitlist process will NOT run
December 20-31, 2020 Holiday Closedown - waitlist process will NOT run
February 1, 2021 First day of spring 2021 full-term and first eight-week classes
February 2, 2021 Last day students can waitlist a full-term spring course
February 3, 2021 Last day waitlist process is run for full-term spring courses

The above spring dates apply to full-term and first eight-week courses. Students can continue to waitlist second eight-week courses through March 18, 2021, and final notifications will be sent on March 19, 2021. Courses in other parts-of-term may also use waitlisting. The last day notifications of open seats will be sent will always be before the course begins.

After the start of waitlisted classes, a process is run to remove students from those waitlists. Students are informed via email when this process has been completed.

Other Important Waitlisting Information:

  • Students cannot waitlist/enroll for more than one section of the same course.
  • Students can waitlist a lecture that has a lab without waitlisting the lab.
  • Students cannot enroll in one course of a co-requisite pair (ie, lecture and lab) and waitlist the other.