Student Records Access

Access to student records is given on a NEED TO KNOW basis and determined based on the requirements of the position; access is not given automatically. Needs may be met by access to a report in Reporting Services or WSU Reporting or to Banner forms.

Employees must take the online FERPA tutorial before access can be requested. Access must be requested by the employee’s Department Chair or Director.

Access to student records should be requested through an email to:

Below are examples of access given based on the requirements of the position.

Job Role Examples Access Possible

Academic Adviser

Faculty with advising duties

Department Chairs

Appropriate staff working within
academic departments
or advising offices

Banner Access
*Biographical information (address, phone, email, etc)
*International information (country of residency, etc)
*High school and transfer college credentials
*Test Scores
*Admissions Application information
*Current student curriculum
*Student registration information
*Transfer articulation
*Student adviser assignments
*Degree information (degree awarded, diploma name, etc)
*Student holds
*Enrollment release codes/pins

*Basic course information
*Course restrictions
*Section (CRN) rosters
*Viewing access to section permissions/overrides given
*Section prerequisites and restrictions
*Section permissions and/or overrides

Reporting Services/WSU Reporting Access
*Adviser Folder
*Student – Lists and Labels Folder
*Student – Registration Reports Folder
*Student – Semester Grade Reports-Graduation Lists for Colleges Folder

Web Now Imaged Files Access

*Admissions (UG and International)
*Registrar’s Office – Student Files

Faculty with no advising duties *Teach/Advise tab within myWSU
*Student-Faculty Folder within Reporting Services/WSU Reporting
Schedule Builders Banner Access
*Basic course information
*Course restrictions
*Course equivalencies
*Course long title searches

*Section (CRN) rosters
*Section permission/overrides given
*Section prerequisites and restrictions
*Section restrictions
*Section comments
*Section cross list queries and definitions
*Modification access to build sections during defined schedule building timelines for the departments

*Faculty schedule queries
*Building and room queries

Reporting Services/WSU Reporting Access

*Student – Schedule Building Folder

Administrative Offices
(Such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office)
Access is based on the office and the data entry that is being done within the position.

Banner Access examples:

Maintenance access to enter prospective student biographical data, high school, college(s), test scores

Maintenance access to enter prospective student application information, admission decisions

Viewing access to current student curriculum, current student registration schedules