Meet the 2024-2025 Nominees

The following staff have been nominated to represent your job category (exempt or non-exempt). Please take a few minutes to learn more about each candidate through their biographies below.


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Abdulaziz Abdulaziz     Joan Adkisson    David August     Alyson Balandran     Bryant Belden    Autumn Bennett     Monica Bergkamp    Megan Betts      Katie Brady-Wark     Zachary Brown     Anne Marie Brown     Ashley Buckner     Trang Bui-Tieu    Monica Calhoun     Lisa Clancy      Aaron Coffey     Lawrence Compton     Whitney Crager     Matthew Crow    Alan Dsouza     Kevin Duffy     Gabriel Fonseca    Christopher Garnier     Kimberly Gutierrez     Kaelyn Hannah     Tia D. Hill, MEd    Kayla Klein     Megan Lewis     Christopher Leonard     Angie Linder    Daniel Ludlow     Shelly Magee     Sarah Mathews     Susan McCoy     Cheryl Miller     Chantal Nez    Kailamai Nguyen     Kendra Nguyen     Jennifer Nicholson     Naquela Pack    Justin Petersen     Emma Ray     Corby Redington     Margaret Rees     Linda F. Rhone, Ph.D., Ed.D.    Dhanachandra Rubesinghe    Sadi Roberts     Teri Robertson     Cy Rogers    Sara Rue     Stacy Salters     Eiran Saucedo-Rodarte     Brandon Schneider     Torisha Shorte'     Kelley Smetak     Liz Thornton     Rachel Tuck     Chris Wiebe     Karen Wright

Photo of Abdulaziz Abdulaziz.

Abdulaziz Abdulaziz (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Abdulaziz Abdulaziz. I am grateful to be nominated to serve on the Staff Senate. I earned my PhD from Wichita State in Industrial Engineering. Currently, I work in the Office of Special Programs (OSP) department as Business Technology and Data Analyst. I have been with Wichita State University for about 2 years (not including my student life on campus). I started my professional journey as a student assistant followed by working for OSP serving in different roles. I hope to bring new ideas to the table and work to address issues of concern in the Wichita State community.

Photo of Joan Adkisson.

Joan Adkisson (Exempt)

Hello, My name is Joan Adkisson, I have worked for the Barton School of Business for 21 years. I’m currently in the role of Director of Finance and Administration for the Barton School.

In my various roles in the Barton School over the years I have served on many committees within the Barton School and campus committees. I have the privilege for the last 10 years to be the Scholarship Coordinator for the College, this gives me the opportunity to help students with financial difficulties. As part of my duties, I handle all hirings, contracts, and oversee all budgets within the Barton School. Past activities in the college, I coordinated various events, including Business Week which involved scheduling over 20 workshops in week.

As a senator I would work to make sure that staff can share their feedback and voice their concerns. I want to learn about the issues that are important to staff and help to find solutions. I would be honored to represent you and continue to follow through on the progress of the Senate on your behalf.

David August (Non-Exempt)


Photo of Alyson Balandran.

Alyson Balandran (Exempt)

My name is Alyson Balandran. I started in the Office of Research in November of 2021 as a Research Grant Administrator and have recently transitioned into a new role as a Business Technology Analyst for Financial Operations. I am interested in running for staff senate to gain deeper insights into the university and to advocated for the needs of staff members.

Thank You!

Photo of Bryant Belden.

Bryant Belden (Non-Exempt)

Hello! My name is Bryant Belden. I have graciously been nominated to serve on the Staff Senate. Currently, I work in the Information Technology Services department as the Technology Program Coordinator. Although I have been with Wichita State University for less than a year, I have found that WSU is a place that harbors some truly wonderful people. As someone who is still new to WSU I am drawn to the senate as a place to learn about many aspects of WSU which I am not currently familiar with, while contributing what I have learned from my own unique experiences to benefit the University. 


Photo of Autumn Bennett.

Autumn Bennett (Exempt)

Office of Admissions, Regional Recruitment Manager in Oklahoma. I am honored to have been nominated for Staff Senate. I’m an alumni who has been with Wichita State University coming up on 3 years now. I have a unique perspective as I have worked for the University here in Oklahoma, most recently in a management role off-campus and out-of-state. I am very involved in the Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling (GPACAC). Being a part of this network has exposed me to a lot of different organizations, universities and how they operate. Before this role, I worked for the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City as a Director for 5 years, which allows me to bring a perspective from outside of higher education. I look forward to learning more about our Staff Senate and generating ideas to continue supporting our employees and growing our retention efforts. I believe all the opportunities I’ve had can translate into positives for our staff and the values we aspire to reflect as a university. I look forward to the opportunity to be a Staff Representative in this form for Wichita State University.

Photo of Monica Bergkamp.

Monica Bergkamp (Exempt)

OneStop Student Services, First Year Advisor: College of Engineering
September 2020

Why am I interested in this position:

To advocate for the needs, wants, and desires of our dedicated staff on campus. After being with this university for nearly 3 years, I’ve gotten a bit of the lay of the land, and feel that I have a general sense of the “state of the staff, as it were. I’m a millennial, so you already know preventing burn-out is always on my mind and I prioritize my own work-life balance and seek to continually encourage and empower others to do the same.

What I hope to accomplish:

If I am able to improve the culture on campus for just one of us, I will consider that an accomplishment. I have no concrete ideas or plans or strategies or even goals. I believe that change is gradual and takes time, effort, and nurturing. I am asking you to give me the opportunity to incorporate gradual change on our campus, so we all can benefit.


Photo of Megan Betts.

Megan Betts (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Megan Betts, and I would like to express my gratitude for being nominated to serve on the WSU Staff Senate. I work for the Community Engagement Insitute in the Center for Public Health Initiative. I was given the great opportunity to intern in June 2023 with CEI and was hired in September 2023.

As someone relatively new to the University, I am here to bring my lived experience as my guide to ensuring that all employee voices of the university are heard and acknowledged when addressing the issues that matter to staff. I was previously involved in leading community engagement work in my community and creating campaigns around environmental justice concerns, equitable housing efforts, and violence prevention. I am passionate about building positive, inclusive workplace cultures, advocating for the issues that matter to all staff, and prioritizing effective communication. It would be an honor to serve on the Staff Senate.

Photo of Katie Brady-Wark.

Katie Brady-Wark (Exempt)

College of Engineering
Student Engagement Coordinator
Hi all! I am Katie Brady-Wark, I joined WSU in July of 2022 and having been working in Higher Education since 2016. On of my favorite things about working at WSU is the

people. I feel that I have met some of the best of the best working here and they are all over campus. I work in the College of Engineering and my primary responsibilities include coordinating our Engineering LLC programs, overseeing GEEKs Tutoring Center, planning Welcome Week and Engineering Week events, and running our ACE Mentoring Program. I enjoy working with all students on campus and providing them with opportunities to grow their skills inside and outside of the classroom.

Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my husband and my 6-year-old Aussie/Red Heeler named Ellie. She is really a joy in my life. I also love concerts, movies, and reading! Big Marvel fan and Bridgerton fan! I look forward to the opportunity to serve on Staff Senate because I believe that we all have great ideas to make WSU an even better place for all of us to be. My top strengths are Positivity, Developer, Adaptability, Includer, and Empathy, all of which I think I can use to support my colleagues in my own office and across campus!

Photo of Zachary Brown.

Zachary Brown (Exempt)

My name is Zachary Brown and I am the Director of Strategic Enrollment and Student Services for the Barton School of Business. In my role, I direct the efforts of the Business Student Success Center which includes academic advising, recruitment, student engagement, and scholarships for our college. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been nominated for staff senate. I have worked in the Barton School of Business as an advisor, manager, or director since 2017, but I have previously worked in the College of Applied Studies as the teacher licensure specialist and as an adjunct instructor in the Elliott School of Communication teaching COMM 111- Public Speaking. I am a proud alum of Wichita State, having attended here as a first generation student beginning in 2004 earning my BA in Political Science and MA in Communication. I’m currently pursing my Masters of Business Administration also at Wichita State.

I would like to serve as a staff senator because as the Director of the Business Student Success Center, I would like to be able to amplify the voices of not only the staff members in my office but of all other staff members on campus. I take pride in the critical role that staff play in the success of our university as a whole, but also the positive impact we may have on each individual student. As staff senator, my priorities will be to work to help ensure that all staff members receive fair and appropriate resources and recognition, regular opportunities for meaningful growth and professional development, and fostering an environment of collegiality and solidarity across all offices.

Photo of Anne Marie Brown.

Anne Marie Brown (Non-Exempt)

Administrative Specialist
School of Music
I began working at WSU at the end of July 2017. It is very exciting to be a part of the Staff Senate, to serve in a capacity where I have first hand experience in the workings of the University and to be of assistance to other staff members. I have served the past two years as an at-large-senator and have enjoyed contributing and serving on these committees: professional development and service, awards and recognition, elections, and scholarship. I would like to continue the work begun on the Scholarship Committee to see that the scholarship and professional development programs are funded and awarded to staff members for many years to come. My other activities on campus include serving on the board of Women of WSU, serving as Chair for the College of Fine Arts Staff Council, and taking a role in the Women Leadership Initiative. I would enjoy serving on the University Staff Senate for another two years. Thank you.

Photo of Ashley Buckner.

Ashley Buckner (Non-Exempt)

My name is Ashley Buckner and I graduated from Wichita State University with my Nursing Degree and decided to change up my career in 2012 after having my first child. I have been in the dental field for 12 years and now manage the Dental Hygiene Clinic in the College of Health Professions. I have been with WSU going on 3 years and have enjoyed my time here this far and continue to look for new ways to grow myself professionally.

I would appreciate the chance to serve with the Staff Senate in hopes to advocate for the staff in welcoming thoughts, concerns, and open communication. I hope to bring new ideas to the table and to collaborate with peers in addressing any concerns within our work community.

I would be honored to represent you and continue to follow through on the progress of the Senate on your behalf. Thank you for your consideration.

Photo of Trang Bui-Tieu.

Trang Bui-Tieu (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Trang Bui-Tieu, and I am honored to have been nominated to serve on Staff Senate. I am part of the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships team as the Manager of Student Impact, where I oversee financial aid advising, Shocker Financial Wellness, communications, and events. I am a proud two-time Shocker with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Educational Psychology- Higher Education/Student Affairs. After teaching a few years in USD259, I remained involved on campus as my sorority’s advisor and was inspired to work in higher education. I started my journey in 2019 within the Office of Student Success as a graduate student, worked as an academic advisor for the School of Music, retention coordinator and assistant director in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Through all these positions and in my current role, I have always done what I loved most – which is to serve our students and helping them get what they need to succeed.

I am interested in serving on Staff Senate because I am a big believer in creating spaces for folks to thrive. I value transparency, collaboration, and encourage the challenge of understanding different viewpoints. Through Staff Senate, I will be able to connect with more individuals across campus to support our vision and mission at Wichita State University. As our ever-changing academic landscape continues to shift, I know that the work we do in collaboration with each other will create lasting impact for our community. I look forward to this growth and connection.

Monica Calhoun (Exempt)


Photo of Lisa Clancy.

Lisa Clancy (Exempt)

Hello, my name is Lisa Clancy, Director Business & Finance for the College of Health Professions. I am honored to have been nominated for the UP Senate for this upcoming year. I have been part of the WSU family since 2012.  I started my journey in the department of Communication Science & Disorders in the College of Health Professions before becoming the Business Manager for the College in 2014 then Director of Business & Finance in 2023. 

I had the pleasure of serving you as your UP Senator, At Large in 2019-2020, and UP Senator in 2022-2023, representing your rights and giving you a strong voice at the university.

My service to the University has included multiple committees both in and outside of governance structures and I am very familiar with the strengths and challenges of staff senate governance. I am currently on the Board of Directors for the Campus Credit Union and a member of the President’s Budget Advisory Council. I would like to contribute my service on the Senate to act as a conduit through which staff can share thoughts and concerns, as well as advocate for staff.

My goals for the immediate future as a Staff Senate representative will be to understand and advocate for the unique interests of staff and contribute to the effectiveness and equitable stewardship of our recourses in ways that do not impose burdens on our staff.  I want to help with crucial and challenging work within the diversity, equity, inclusion that is so necessary for the future of WSU.

The Senate has been very involved with the challenges of the Market Base Compensation plan.  My goal is to make sure there is transparency during this journey and that we as staff members are informed and up to date on the process moving forward.

As stated previously, I would be honored to represent you and continue to follow through on present and upcoming progress of the Senate on your behalf. Should you have any questions or would like to discuss my interest in serving, please feel free to contact me.

Photo of Aaron Coffey.

Aaron Coffey (Exempt)

I’m Aaron Coffey, Assistant Dean for the Graduate School. I’ve been in my position for 6.5 years, and been in graduate enrollment management for 15 years. Graduate Admissions and enrollment management are where I thrive, and I find joy in connecting prospective students to their futures through graduate education. This profession is my passion, and creating structures and policies to support faculty, staff, and students is something I regularly assess, review, and update. I recently had a challenge to my understanding of shared governance, and it reshaped my view of staff supporting change as crucial to the overall success and growth of the University. As staff, we continue to be challenged to do more daily. I would hope to represent the voices of my constituents so they felt heard and that their contributions were valued and, when possible, acted on.

Photo of Lawrence Compton.

Lawrence Compton (Exempt)

Hi, I’m Larry Compton and I am with the Office of Student Success, serving as the Student Success Coach for the College of Fine Arts.  I have been at WSU for one year but have worked in Higher Education for about 35 years, in many different areas including Residence Life, Student Activities, Counseling, Advising, Coaching, Disability Services and Academic Support.

I love my work at WSU and am proud to be a member of the Shocker Nation.  It is an honor to be nominated as a candidate for Staff Senate and I would welcome the opportunity to be able to collaborate and interact with colleagues across different areas throughout the University.  It is important to me to be involved wherever I can be on campus. I hope to do my part in helping to enhance the work life of our staff to continue to provide a quality experience for our students.

Whitney Crager (Exempt)

My name is Whitney Crager, and I am thrilled to be running for Staff Senate. I am an Institutional Research Analyst within the Office of Planning and Analysis, I also hold the role of Qualtrics Administrator for the University. I am a proud graduate of the College of Health Professions, and have worked at Wichita State for nearly 6 years.   

Involvement in community is very important to me; I’d love to serve as a representative voice and help impact change at the University. In my current role I collaborate with almost every department on campus, as well as with students. I am always looking for ways to improve processes and find solutions that work for everyone. I believe this makes me a great candidate. 

Thanks for your consideration for Staff Senate! 


Photo of Matthew Crow.

Matthew Crow (Exempt)

My name is Matt Crow, and I am the Multimedia Coordinator for the office of undergraduate admissions. I have been in my role here since October 2021 and obtained my bachelor’s degree here in 2018.

I am running for staff senate because this university played a major part in making me who I am today. I want to give back and play even a small role in shaping our future here.

Photo of Alan Dsouza.

Alan Dsouza (Exempt)

I am Dr. Alan Dsouza and I feel honored to be nominated to serve on the Staff Senate. I work as Grants Analyst Director for Special Programs office under the Associate Vice President of College Readiness and Retention programs. I have been a proud Shocker for two decades. As Wichita State staff, I have benefitted from staff tuition assistance and several in-service trainings. In the past, I was a member of the senate for a few weeks when a member resigned, and they needed to fill up that position. That brief stint was a good learning experience of the nature and scope of the Staff Senate. 

My interest in being on the Staff Senate is to represent and highlight the importance and significance of grant funded TRIO and GEAR UP programs at Wichita State which has a strong staff of over hundred benefit eligible employees and several student assistants. I wish to bring to the Staff Senate some unique problems faced by staff at these programs while interacting with university offices and administration and suggest systems and or procedures to accommodate unique situations faced by these program employees.

Photo of Kevin Duffy.

Kevin Duffy (Non-Exempt)

My name is Kevin Duffy and I am an Administrative Specialist for Psychology. I am in charge of office operations, which includes, but is not limited to, handling department bills, scheduling of classes, entering ePAF’s for all our faculty, adjuncts and grad students, organizing and planning department events, helping with operation of our grad program and processing faculty, staff, student and candidate travel and reimbursement. I have been with the university since January of 2022. I am interested in serving on the Staff Senate because I am dedicated to making Wichita State the best place to work. I believe when we work together it benefits everyone and their voice is heard. Your Ideas, concerns and experiences matter. I want to encourage people to get involved in the process, because only then, do you experience real change, that is what I hope to accomplish.

I am currently serving on the LAS Staff Council as vice chair. With this opportunity I get to collaborate with staff from many different departments across campus. We work on staff development, have staff assemblies with the dean to hear policy and general updates from our college and the university as a whole, and how they affect us. My hope is that I can take this serving opportunity and use it to the benefit of the Staff Senate.

Thanks for considering me for this position. I hope I have the honor to take my dedication to this university and apply it to the Staff Senate to make this an even better place to work.

Photo of Gabriel Fonseca.

Gabriel Fonseca (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Gabriel Fonseca and I currently serve as the Interim Executive Director for Student Engagement with the privilege to work with the staffs of the Office of Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership, Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the Student Government Association. I have worked at Wichita State University for about six years beginning my time in 2018. I am grateful for the nomination to return to the Staff Senate. It was an honor to serve and advocate for my peers on the Staff Senate during my term as a Senator, President-elect and finally as President of the Staff Senate.

As a senator on the staff senate, there are several potential focus areas that I will use to guide myself during the term. I want to ensure that the interests, concerns, and perspectives of the staff members we represent are effectively communicated and addressed within the decision-making processes of the institution. During this time of consistent change and ambiguity, I want to advocate for policies, initiatives, and resources that support the continued advancement of professional development, and job satisfaction of staff members. Finally, I want to support wellness policies and programs to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of staff members, including initiatives related to work-life balance, health benefits, and wellness resources. By actively pursuing these objectives and working collaboratively with my fellow senators and institutional stakeholders, we can make meaningful contributions to enhancing the experience and well-being of staff members within at Wichita State University.

Photo of Christopher Garnier.

Christopher Garnier (Exempt)

I am the Director of Executive Education & Center for Management Development (CMD) of WSU’s Barton School of Business taking over the role in May of 2023.

I join WSU as the former Executive Director of AIT Extension, the executive education and corporate training division of the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to AIT, I served as the Dean of Ace International Business School in Kathmandu, Nepal. I’m a former Captain in the US Marine Corps serving as a combat helicopter pilot flying multiple mission over both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I earned my Doctorate in Global Education from the University of Southern California; I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching from USC and a Master of Science equivalency in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Navy and a BA from the University of Hawaii – Manoa.

I served on the Staff Senate for 2 years at my previous university in Bangkok and was able to be an effective mouthpiece and conduit in accomplishing goals for the betterment of the Staff and if elected, my intent/mission will be the same for my colleagues at WSU. Though I am fairly new to WSU, my history of serving international communities around the world provides a solid indicator of my capacity to serve the diverse needs of our university’s Staff and would be honored to earn your vote.

Photo of Kimberly Gutierrez.

Kimberly Gutierrez (Non-Exempt)


Photo of Kaelyn Hannah.

Kaelyn Hannah (Exempt)

Kaelyn Hannah, currently working as the Student Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Success: First-Year Programs is excited to announce her candidacy for WSU Staff Senate. With nearly a year of professional experience in her current role, coupled with a multitude of campus positions held during her undergraduate journey, Kaelyn brings a wealth of university life understanding to the table. A proud alumna, she graduated in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Arts and is actively pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication at WSU.

Kaelyn’s interest in joining the Staff Senate stems from a deep-rooted passion for leadership – a trait she eagerly exhibited throughout her undergraduate career. Although new to a senate role, she believes her fresh perspective will be instrumental in navigating the challenges and opportunities within the university’s governance. Kaelyn is particularly motivated by the prospect of being a vocal advocate for those who feel unheard or are still finding their voice within the university community.

Her objectives for serving on the Staff Senate are twofold. Professionally, Kaelyn is keen on further honing her leadership abilities, viewing the Senate as an ideal platform for such growth. On a broader scale, she aspires to cultivate a community where all staff members feel empowered to share their insights and concerns. Central to her mission is enhancing staff representation, ensuring their achievements and challenges are both celebrated and addressed, respectively. Furthermore, Kaelyn is determined to contribute to staff retention initiatives, recognizing the parallel significance of staff and student retention for the university’s success.

Through her candidacy, Kaelyn Hannah is committed to embodying the voice and advocate for the staff at Wichita State University, striving for a collective environment that values and responds to every member’s contribution.

Photo of Tia D. Hill, MEd.

Tia D. Hill, MEd (Exempt)

Assistant Director; Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership

Hello Shockers! I began my career at Wichita State in the summer of 2009 as an advisor to the Student Activities Council, a group of student leaders charged with the creation of social, educational, and cultural experiences that enhance our vibrant campus culture and community. In my current role as an assistant director in Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership I supervise a team of staff members who create programs and initiatives that advise, mentor, and motivate students through their collegiate journey.

I wish to serve on the Senate to advocate for personnel across the campus who work tirelessly to serve our students. Our staff spend countless hours advocating for the mental health, wellbeing, and sense of belonging our students wish and deserve to have - I'm here to advocate for our staff on those same issues. Our staff are not immune to the issues our students face and we need to acknowledge and support them through all of life's challenging moments.

My goal for this session is to see that the Senate is having meaningful conversation and taking action on State policies, laws, and legislation that have a direct impact on the staffing and operations of our University.

Photo of Kayla Klein.

Kayla Klein (Exempt)

I currently serve as the Director of Communications for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. In my 10 years at the University, I’ve worked in several offices including in the Department of Sport Management, the College of Applied Studies and for the past three years the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Having served two terms on Staff Senate (2018-2020 and 2020-2022), I've held leadership roles including Chair of Communications and Website Committee, Awards Committee Chair, and Staff Senate Vice President. If reelected, I aim to contribute my expertise to various committees, leveraging my passion for collaboration and representation.

As a triple Shocker alum (‘12/’17/’21), I'm deeply committed to our University community and eager to continue serving. Outside of work, I enjoy coaching and officiating volleyball, as well as volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and my church's youth ministry.

Photo of Megan Lewis.

Megan Lewis (Exempt)

Business Analyst, Housing & Residence Life

  • I started working for Wichita State in August 2021.
  • I'm interested in serving on staff senate because I believe those who serve should represent the core values of the university and push us toward the culture that we all hope for. As someone who advocates for transparency, collaboration, personal responsibility, innovation, and creativity, I believe in Wichita State's mission to become an educational and cultural driver in Kansas and our local communities.
  • In this role, I would hope to accomplish supporting efforts to better our overall faculty/staff experiences. I also bring a wealth of knowledge in technologies and tools that I would hope to share across campus. There are always new initiatives and opportunities to grasp that can help make our lives simpler, easier, and more enjoyable at work.

Photo of Christopher Leonard.

Christopher Leonard (Exempt)

It is humbling to be nominated to serve on Staff Senate. This August, I will have been at Wichita State University for 10 years. I am currently the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). I started at WSU as an intern and have held different positions within CAPS since 2013. I am interested in serving on Staff Senate to help support our staff at WSU by advocating work life balance practices, promoting staff development, and increasing university staff recognition. What I hope to accomplish if selected to serve is that WSU staff experience joy in their work life and gratitude from others within the university.

Photo of Angie Linder.

Angie Linder (Non-Exempt)

Hello Shocker family. My name is Angie Linder. I have worked in the Financial Aid & Scholarships office as an Office Manager at WSU for 21 years.  

I have served as a former Classified and now a University Support Staff (USS) Senator for the classified staff at WSU off-and-on since 2003. I’m honored to service and understand the importance of this role for my constituents. When sitting on Senate committees, I try to be the voice for the overlooked “voiceless.”

I am honored to be nominated to represent USS in the Staff Senate. I will continue to focus my direct and positive attitude on unity and equity for all support staff through supporting scholarship programs and staff support group initiatives for the greater good of WSU.


Photo of Daniel Ludlow.

Daniel Ludlow (Non-Exempt)

Hello, my name is Dan Ludlow. I work in the Custodial Department with Facilities Services. I am currently the Custodial Manager of Special Events and Projects. I have been with Wichita State for a little over 11 years. I started as a Custodial Specialist, worked my way up to supervisor, and then to manager. I have worked every shift and in practically every building, which has given me the ability to interact with faculty, staff, and students from many levels of many departments.

I was recently given the opportunity to fill an interim position with the Staff Senate for the remainder of the current session. I would be grateful to have the chance to continue to serve, as I believe that we are moving in a direction that feels like the employees matter more, I would like to be part of the team that makes sure it continues to feel that way. I care about my job, the university, and the WSU community at large and would like to help guide WSU into an even more caring direction.


Photo of Shelly Magee.

Shelly Magee (Non-Exempt)

Hello! My name is Shelly Magee and am very honored to be nominated to serve on Staff Senate. I have been the Office Coordinator for the Office of Research for two years, after serving as a secretary in the Math and Statistics department for 6 months. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, and feel it helps make this large campus feel less overwhelming when I can recognize smiling faces! In addition to making connections, I would like to have a better understanding of governance at the university. 

Photo of Sarah Mathews.

Sarah Mathews (Exempt)

My name is Sarah Mathews, and I am the Manager for Career Development in the Shocker Career Accelerator. I graduated from WSU with a M.Ed. in Sport Management in 2014 and have worked at Wichita State for over 10 years. I started my career in the Athletic Department in Student Services and Compliance, where I worked for 9 years before transitioning to the Shocker Career Accelerator. I oversee the Career Ready Team. Our team is focused on teaching students the skills to navigate their career journey and to support faculty in integrating career readiness into their classroom.

I am interested in participating in the Staff Senate because it allows me to contribute to the decisionmaking process on matters that affect the university’s staff. Additionally, I look forward to networking with colleagues across departments and helping shape the university’s culture and policies.

Photo of Susan McCoy.

Susan McCoy (Non-Exempt)

My name is Susan McCoy, I have been a Chemistry Education Lab Coordinator in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry since 2002.I am interested in the Staff senate because I feel there is a need for staff representation at all levels of the University. I would like to see the University Support Staff be represented at the table when decisions on policy and infrastructure are determined. There have been a lot of great things that have come out of the Staff senate that have empowered myself and others to be more of a voice and become more active in the events and decisions, I would like to do my part as a positive representative for others.

Photo of Cheryl Miller.

Cheryl Miller (Exempt)

I’m the senior assistant dean for academic and staff operations for the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I am the point of contact for college staff concerns, strategic communication, public relations, and space allocation. I serve in an ex-officio capacity for the Fairmount College Staff Council whose purpose is to act as an advisory body to the dean on issues affecting staff members in their roles as university employees. I also coordinate major college events such as the Perspectives discussion series and Hall of Fame. I started at Wichita State in 1994 as coordinator of orientation, which was then in student affairs, and began reporting to the dean’s office in 1998. I previously served on the Unclassified Professional Senate and would use this senate term to communicate concerns I hear from college staff, as well as participate in ways that would improve our work environment.

Photo of Chantel Nez.

Chantal Nez (Exempt)

Greetings! I'm Chantal Nez, and I am honored to be considered for a role in the Staff Senate. I serve as the Program Manager for the Center for Public Health Initiatives at the Community Engagement Institute. My journey at Wichita State University spans a year and three months, during which I've been deeply engaged in collaborating with state and local health departments and Kansas tribal communities.

As an Indigenous woman, my perspective is deeply rooted in community, collaboration, and the well-being of all members. Serving on the Staff Senate at Wichita State University will give me a unique opportunity to bring forth Indigenous values and perspectives. Drawing from my cultural heritage, I believe in inclusivity, respect for diverse voices, and promoting holistic approaches to governance and decision-making.

Lastly, I aim to amplify the voices of marginalized staff members, advocate for equity and inclusion initiatives, and ensure that Indigenous perspectives are considered in university policies and practices. By actively participating in the Staff Senate, I seek to create a more just and inclusive campus community where all individuals feel valued and empowered to thrive.

Photo of Kailamai Nguyen.

Kailamai Nguyen (Exempt)

My name is Kailamai Nguyen, and I am a Social Services Case Manager and Advocate within Student Outreach and Support. I serve as one of three case managers within the University CARE Team. I joined Wichita State in August of 2023 after moving to Kansas from my home state of Idaho. While I am new to the University I bring a diverse background of experience. I started my advocacy work young and was appointed as a youth advocate with the Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission where I served a six-year term. I was a leader within the Idaho Foster Youth Advisory Board for seven years. In college, I was the first in my school to land a paid Congressional Internship with Senator Mike Crapo in his Washington D.C. office. After college, I worked as a Program Specialist with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare overseeing the statewide higher education program for foster youth. I have always been passionate about serving others and see joining the Staff Senate as an opportunity to do so here on campus. 

Photo of Kendra Nguyen.

Kendra Nguyen (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Kendra Nguyen (she/her) and I am a Public Health Program Specialist for the WSU Community Engagement Institute Center for Public Health Initiatives. I graduated from Wichita State University with a bachelor's degree in marketing in 2007 and absolutely loved being a Shocker. Since graduating, I have continued to stay involved with WSU in various capacities as a volunteer for many of the various organizations on campus before returning in 2017 and joining the Shocker family as a staff member.

From my previous position working in the public sector, I have grown a passion for being involved in the community by staying informed and encouraging and providing input from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have served on the staff senate since 2021 and have been a member of the Policy Review Committee, the Awards & Recognitions Committee, and the Communications & Website Committee. I am honored to be nominated for a senate seat and believe that this would be a great opportunity to continue my personal passion for involvement and input to the University Staff Senate and WSU community.

Photo of Jennifer Nicholson.

Jennifer Nicholson (Exempt)

Office of Student Accommodations and Testing
Assistant Director
I have been at WSU for 7 years now. Over the past 2 years I have been serving on the Staff Senate. I have really enjoyed working on this team of amazing senators. I feel that being a part of the Staff Senate gives me an opportunity to help others and to help address current issues/concerns of other staff on campus. I hope to continue this work with the Staff Senate.

Photo of Naquela Pack.

Naquela Pack (Exempt)

Hello, I'm Naquela Pack, and I've had the pleasure of being part of the Shocker family for nearly four years. In my role as the Director of Engagement for the new Wichita State Connect, I'm deeply immersed in the vibrant tapestry of our community, particularly within the Shocker Neighborhoods. My journey at WSU has been one of growth and service, guided by a steadfast commitment to fostering empowerment and prioritizing health and well-being. I hold a Master's degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Wichita State University, I bring both academic prowess and a heart dedicated to making a difference.

I am driven by a genuine desire to serve and connect with others, which is why I am keen to step into a leadership role within our community. My involvement with AAFSA, the Staff Senate, Zeta Phi Beta, the Elections Committee, and the Professional Development and Service Committee underscores my dedication to amplifying voices and advocating for positive change. Together, let's continue to build bridges, spark meaningful conversations, and pave the way for a brighter future for all staff at WSU. With your support, I'm confident we can achieve great things together.

Photo of Justin Petersen.

Justin Petersen (Exempt)

Role: Advisor for the School of Digital Arts (last names A-L) in the College of Fine Arts Advising, Wichita State University (WSU)
Years of Service: 6 years
I am a dedicated member of the Wichita State University community, serving as the advisor for the School of Digital Arts within the College of Fine Arts. With six years of experience at WSU, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my role, assisting students in navigating their academic journey and achieving their goals in the digital arts field.
Passionate about contributing to the university's shared governance process, I am eager to serve on the Staff Senate. I believe that as a vital member of the university team, my voice and staff in general are equally significant in shaping policies and initiatives. I am committed to fostering communication within the campus community and advocating for the interests of staff members.
Through my role on the Staff Senate, I aim to address issues, share innovative ideas for improvement, and ensure that staff concerns are heard and addressed by the university administration. I see this opportunity as a means to advance the university's mission of being an essential education, cultural, and economic driver for Kansas, contributing to the greater public good.
My dedication to WSU's mission and enthusiasm for enhancing staff involvement in governance make me a valuable candidate for the Staff Senate, poised to make meaningful contributions to the university community.

Photo of Emma Ray.

Emma Ray (Exempt)

Hi! I am Emma Ray and I am a Data Scientist in the Office of Data Governance, connected with the Office of Planning and Analysis. Although I joined as a staff member in 2023, I have been around Wichita State for nearly 12 years in a number of roles- undergraduate to doctoral student, student employee, and Psychology class instructor, to name a few. I have had the privilege of working with and for several departments on campus and I love the educational culture of collaboration and service at WSU. I am appreciative of the nomination and excited about the opportunity to serve on Staff Senate. I would love to support our staff in continuing to make WSU an awesome place to work.

Photo of Corby Redington.

Corby Redington (Non-Exempt)

Hi Shockers! My name is Corby Redington, and I began working at WSU in 2022. I currently work for ITS Client Services as an Applications Training Specialist. I encounter many new WSU employees as the trainer for Student Information Systems, and I enjoy supporting new staff as they navigate their roles and the university. My team recently defined the goal of our area as empowering university employees, developing innovative approaches to work, and growing a culture of learning and collaboration across the WSU campus. I would love to support this goal as a representative of the University Staff Senate, and I want to express my thanks for the nomination and consideration for this opportunity.

Photo of Margaret Rees.

Margaret Rees (Non-Exempt)

Hello, my name is Margaret Rees. I am an Administrative Specialist at the School of Computing in the College of Engineering. I have been working at Wichita State University for 2 years, the first year as a temp. I love the way my job leads me to reaching out to all kinds of people with varied skills across the university, as well as giving me the opportunity to contribute towards the students’ lives.

I have been living in the United States for 3 years, having emigrated from Zimbabwe, where I taught English to high school students. I envision being part of the Staff Senate as positive opportunity to understand relationships and decisions across campus and be part of a team that sees that expectations are met.

Photo of Linda F. Rhone, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Linda F. Rhone, Ph.D., Ed.D. (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Linda Rhone. I am beyond grateful to be nominated to serve on the Wichita State University Staff Senate. At present I am the executive director of the TRIO Student Support Services Grant (five-year cycle). The grant that I am the principal investigator for is worth over $2.5 million federal dollars and is a resource to provide support for 250 participants who are first-generation, income-eligible, and/or of disability status from orientation to graduation. Thirty-five years ago, I was an SSS student. I started my educational journey at WSU as a first-generation and limited-eligible student. 

Returning to Wichita (2019) to accept the position of executive director of SSS, after living, studying, and working in six states brings my life full circle. I am also a graduate adjunct faculty member in the WSU School of Education (1 year) and an adjunct graduate faculty member in Teacher Education at Friends University (15 years). At WSU, I teach a course on teaching Literacy in Secondary School. At Friends University, I write and teach courses in the areas of Social Justice and Learning How to Learn (15 years). I have been in the field of education for over thirty-five years. My roles include that of k-12 teacher, community college instructor, full-time faculty member in several appointments around the country, and grant writer and administrator.  

At the end of the day, it is not enough for students to graduate from college with just a bachelor’s degree in hand, I believe. Though I think graduating with a bachelor’s degree is vital. I believe equally important is that every college graduate can see theory in practice and practice in theory. WSU, at its core, is an applied learning institution which means direct learning is valued. If a student graduates from WSU, he/she will have firsthand experience before graduation. This will better prepare students for the real world. Moreover, students should see the connection between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge before they enter the real world. In addition, it is also important for college graduates to have a mindset to create a society/world that is inclusive of every human being. At TRIO SSS, I work to cultivate an atmosphere that is inclusive of every staff member and student. I absolutely love working at Wichita State University. It is home to me. 

I would like nothing more than the opportunity to serve in shared governance to move WSU forward in creating more ways to recruit, retain, and graduate students who will be able to go out into the world and leave it better than what they found it.   


  • Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska (MO-KAN-NE) Achiever Award for 2024
  • Wichita Business Journal, Diversity & Inclusion Award, 2023. 
  • Certificate of Appreciation, University System of Maryland, Faculty Initiative Committee for 
  • Contribution to Rethinking and Relearning Diversity: From Conflict to Inclusion, 2006
  • Nominee, Outstanding Faculty Member – Order of the Purple at Butler County Community College, 2000
  • Recipient, American Educational Research Association, stipend for conference research workshop, 1999
  • Nominee, American Educational Studies Association-Editorial Advisory Council, 1998
  • Recognition, Wichita State University, Student Support Services, high academic achievement in graduate studies, 1996
  • Proclamation, for Development and Implementation of a Student Leadership Program, Mayor's Office-(Emanuel Clever) Kansas City Missouri School District, 1993
  • Outstanding Young Women of America, 1991

Dhanachandra Rubesinghe (Non-Exempt)


Photo of Sadi Roberts.

Sadi Roberts (Exempt)

Hello! My name is Sadi Roberts. I’m honored to be nominated to serve on Staff Senate. I currently serve in Human Resources as the Learning and Development Specialist. I’ve been with Wichita State University for seven months. Prior to joining WSU, I worked for a large tech care company for 18 years leading successful teams and building leadership development programs. 

I’m interested in serving on Staff Senate to be a connection point and advocate for my fellow staff members. My hope is to continue to build relationships across campus, learn what feedback and ideas you have for elevating our workplace culture, and help implement strategies and solutions that benefit us all. 

Photo of Teri Robertson.

Teri Robertson (Exempt)

Career Development Center, Operations Manager, 6 years

I’m excited for the opportunity to help play a crucial role in shaping university policies, helping to foster a sense of community that will promote collaboration, and contribute to decision-making processes. I hope I am able to contribute to positive changes that will have a meaningful impact on the work everyone does. I hope to build connections, share ideas, and work collectively toward a strong, more inclusive university environment.

Photo of Cy Rogers.

Cy Rogers (Exempt)


My name is Cy Rogers and I work at the Wichita State University Community Engagement Institute on the Center for Organizational Development team where I serve as a Community Program Specialist.  I have been at the university for 4.5 years (my five year anniversary will be in November ’24).  I lived in Chicago for a few years when I was younger and went to Northeastern Illinois University for my undergrad.  When I moved back to Wichita in 2015, I attended WSU for my MPA. 

Much of my work at the Community Engagement Institute is with helping organizations perform their best in the way that they want to perform.  I think that my experience here would make me a valuable addition to the Staff Senate. Using this experience to impact the place I work is important to me. 

I have a particular passion for helping organizations that work in behavioral health.  Prior to working at WSU I worked as a Case Manager for Comcare.  I think this experience and passion sets me up to help WSU address an issue that is vitally important to the health of the University. My hope would be that I’m able to help impact the way behavioral health is handled in staff and students so that those who work at and attend WSU are able to support their own behavioral health needs as best as possible. 

I am honored to be included as a nominee for staff senate and if I am lucky enough to be elected to serve, look forward to serving well to support all stakeholders at the University. Go Shockers!

Photo of Sara Rue.

Sara Rue (Non-Exempt)

I have worked at WSU since June 2016, and participated in University Staff Senate starting in 2021. I love the opportunity to learn and engage with staff members across the university and gain a better understanding of university governance that being on Senate offers. It also has given me a chance to give back to the shocker community by working on professional development and service opportunities for my fellow staff. This past year I have been honored to work with a team to bring the Shocker STRIVE conference to fruition. I hope to continue to work on the Senate to bring more opportunities to my fellow staff and helping to elevate their voices.


Photo of Stacy Salters

Stacy Salters (Non-Exempt)

Hi Friends!

I have worked at WSU for 23 years. I've served in the past as a senator and past USS President advocating for staff. If I'm not serving, I'm attending the meetings to stay informed and have a voice. I believe in transparency by the administration, shared governance, and having the ability to openly communicate with administration about the concerns of staff members. Involvement in the Senate is imperative to understanding what is going on across campus and how we can work together.

Eiran Saucedo-Rodarte (Exempt)


Photo of Brandon Schneider.

Brandon Schneider (Non-Exempt)

Office of Research, Grants Coordinator, 8 years in August

Interest in Serving & Hoping to Accomplish

I have been a happy and dedicated employee for 7 years, starting as a Senior Administrative Assistant at WSU West. I was already a Shocker when I joined the University, as I was completing my undergraduate degree. I graduated in Magna Cum Laude in May 2018, and decided to pursue my graduate degree and completed that in December 2021. My interest in serving has a direct tie to my pride in being a Shocker. I feel as if I’ve lived my professional life in accordance with Shocker PROUD service standards from the moment I started in August 2016, before its introduction in 2018.

I love being part of this University, am proud to be an alumni, and I want to continue being an active participant in the shared governance opportunity. My hope would be that my staff constituents would know they could come to me and voice their opinions and/or concerns, knowing that they would be brought to the discussion table. When we all have a voice and know that our opinions are being heard and discussed, that is when we know we’re all being valued.

Photo of Torisha Shorte'.

Torisha Shorte' (Exempt)

Hello, I am Torisha Shorte' and I currently work in the Shocker Career Accelerator as a Career Coach. I have been a part of the campus community for 7 years working within the TRiO/GEAR UP departments and now within Shocker Career Accelerator. I want to serve on the Staff Senate to make valuable changes and be a strong voice for my fellow staff members. I hope to address workplace issues, improve work culture, and advocate for the overall needs of the staff on campus. Vote for T!

Photo of Kelley Smetak.

Kelley Smetak (Exempt)

Hello, my name is Kelley Smetak. I am the Operations and Financial Director for Academic Affairs. I have been in banking and finance since I graduated from KU. I have enjoyed worked here at WSU for the last 8 or so years. I am also a WSU graduate, having received my MPA from the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs in 2022. I think it is important to have a voice that will speak up on behalf of all the staff here at WSU.

Photo of Liz Thornton.

Liz Thornton (Exempt)

I am Liz Thornton, the Assistant Director of Student Engagement in the Office of Student Engagement Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL). Though I am new to my position in SEAL, I am not new to Wichita State; I have worked here for almost three years! I am interested in serving on the Staff Senate because I want to be more engaged with our campus communities and build partnerships with staff members from across campus. Communication, Accountability, and Creativity are my core values, and I would be honored to be a part of the Staff Senate and represent young professionals at Wichita State. 

Photo of Rachel Tuck.

Rachel Tuck (Exempt)

Hello. My name is Rachel Tuck and I thank you for considering me for staff senate. I have worked for Wichita State in Student Affairs since 2011, starting as a student employee and then transitioning into a full-time staff member. As an alum and current employee, I strive to create a positive experience and to challenge the status quo to benefit both employees and students. I was honored to sit on staff Senate in the past and would be grateful to be selected again as your representative. Thank you for your consideration.

Photo of Chris Wiebe.

Chris Wiebe (Exempt)

Hello, my name is Chris Wiebe, and I work in Housing and Residence Life as the Assistant Director of Educational Engagement. I have been in this role for two years, working at WSU. I am interested in serving on the University Staff Senate because WSU gave me so much in the past when I went to school here, and I had a great time when I was a Resident Assistant for Housing. The staff at WSU helped me find my path to my future going into Student Affairs, and I want to give back to the University. I am also interested in serving on the staff senate because I want to make new connections, learn how to share my pride for this institution , and help shape the future of WSU. If voted into the Staff Senate, I will support diversity and inclusion across campus, ensuring everyone has a voice. I will be open to hearing everyone and bringing new ideas and ways of thinking.

Photo of Karen Wright.

Karen Wright (Exempt)

Hi, I’m Karen Wright.  I appreciate being nominated for the Staff Senate.  To tell you a little about myself, in February I celebrated my 9th year working at Wichita State.  I started by working as an advisor in the College of Engineering for 5 years.  I’m now working as the Assistant Director in TRIO Student Support Services, and I’ve been in this department for almost 4 years. 

I’ve discovered I have a passion for higher education, and I’m interested in serving on the Staff Senate to share ideas and discuss issues of importance that are relatable to university staff employees.  It is my hope to ensure there is representation between departments across the campus community in finding resources and creating solutions that work and are relevant to University Staff.