University Staff Senate


The purpose of the organization is to foster communication and collegiality among staff at Wichita State University, and to

  1. Provide representation for Unclassified Professional (UP) and University Support Staff (USS) personnel and liaison to the University administration and others regarding issues of concern;
  2. Initiate and review policies and procedures relating to UP and USS personnel;
  3. Be a cultural driver for WSU staff that reflects the values of Wichita State University’s Strategic Plan.

Membership of the Senate

The Senate consists of:

  • Twenty-four (24) members, elected by the electorate, split between exempt and non-exempt staff
  • Six (6) at-large members, appointed by the President; split between exempt and non-exempt staff and approved by the Senate
  • The President of the University, the President of the Faculty Senate, and the President of the Student Government Association are ex officio, non-voting members of the Senate.
  • A representative from the Wichita State University Foundation, Wichita State University Intercollegiate Athletic Association, Inc., Wichita State University Union Corporation and the Wichita State University Alumni Association ex officio non-voting members of the Senate.


Activities of the Senate

  • Sponsors a minimum of two general meetings of all Unclassified Professional personnel (one each in the spring and fall semesters) to report publicly on issues that have come before the senate, share actions they have taken, and solicit feedback on issues of concern to the entire constituency.
  • Oversees activities of a number of committees, including Elections, Service, Communication, and Awards and Recognition.
  • Appoints representatives to various University-level committees; studies issues and makes recommendations to the President and Vice-Presidents; and organizes support for University initiatives.
  • Maintains a Web page at
  • Maintains and distributes information to WSU staff, including announcements regarding events, current policies, and issues of concern to staff at Wichita State University.

Comments or Concerns?

Provide feedback to the Staff Senate here: Senate Feedback Form

As of August 5, 2021