President's Award for Distinguished Service
for Staff

The Staff Senate invites the WSU community to submit nominations of outstanding University Staff employees for the President’s Award for Distinguished Service. These awards recognize the dedication and excellence of  WSU (UP/USS classification) employees who have provided exemplary, dedicated and caring service to the WSU community that is beyond the expectations of the duties and responsibilities of their position. Selected honorees are recognized at the annual Shocker Pride Celebration.


To be eligible, nominees must be:

  • a permanent WSU staff employee;
  • with at least a .5 appointment;
  • and minimum of 1 year of service at WSU.

Nominee must exemplify one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Distinguished service to the University
  • Distinguished service to the community
  • Notable outreach efforts and/or forging of connection between WSU and the community
  • Long-term commitment to WSU through extensive committee service

Nomination Rules:

  • The nomination should clearly illustrate the significant accomplishments / services exhibited by the nominee that are BEYOND the expectations of the duties and responsibilities of their position.
  • Complete a Nomination Form.
    • Note: download the form prior to completing form fields.
  • A minimum of two additional letters of support are required. 
  • A total of four WSU employee awardees will be selected each year. In addition, one awardee will be selected for the Wayne Carlisle Distinguished Service Award. 

Additional Information:

  • Each year begins a new process. People who have been previously nominated but have not won an award may be nominated again.
  • Previous award winners are NOT eligible nominees.
  • All submitted materials become the property of the selection committee.

2024 Awards Timeline:

  • November 2023- January 26, 2024: Nominations are open. 
  • January 29-March 1, 2024: Nominations are reviewed by Awards Committee and President.
  • March 2024: Awards winners will receive notification of their award. All other nominees will receive notification of their nomination. 
  • May 3, 2024: Award winners are recognized at the Shocker Pride Celebration.

Wayne Carlisle Distinguished Service Award

One of the WSU Staff awardees selected will be given the exclusive honor of the Wayne Carlisle Distinguished Service Award. The Carlisle Award is presented to an WSU employee who models the standard of extraordinary service exhibited by the late Wayne Carlisle.


More Information about Wayne Carlisle